Airlie Workshop Information

ISO-Space is a newly established ISO Work Item for the Representation
of Spatial Information in Language, within ISO TC 37/SC 4. 
NGA has provided sponsorship for a working meeting to discuss 
the continuing development of this specification. This will take place as a two 
and a half day workshop at the Airlie Retreat Center, 50 miles west of 
Washington,D.C. from September 26-29, 2010. 

The goals of this workshop are to discuss the requirements for a
 specification language for spatial information in natural language,
 and provide a working draft of this specification of ISO-Space.
 Hence, the focus wil be on first identifying the linguistic
 requirements for this markup language and then characterizing the
 specific elements and their attributes.

Specific questions to be addressed include:

1. How do we provide for an expressive vocabulary of regions and shapes of objects?
2. Do we need a distinction between location, place, and region? 
3. How do we encode orientation, direction, and frame of reference? 
4. What is the treatment of motion in spatiotemporal markup? 
5. How should qualitative relations between regions be represented? 
6. What is the set of relations necessary for this purpose?
7. How explicit should the representation of paths be in movement? 
8. How do we locate events in space? 
9. How should the language link to GIS databases and resources?
10. What elements of existing resources, such as GML and SpatialML,
can and should be incorporated? 

I look forward to hearing from you and hope you will be able to
attend. I will shortly be sending more information regarding the workshop and
specific tasks and topics.