Wiki Demo for Managing Facilities in Coops, Condos, Cohousing, and Other Homeowners Associations

This is an example of how a wiki can be used to record facilities maintenance and repair information. It could also be used to record all the community documents and activities. This wiki is hosted by Google Sites and is a good service that inexperienced users have had no problems entering information or using.

This wiki was developed and used in conjunction with a Reserve Studies Workshop given by Sharon Villines of Takoma Village Cohousing and the reservestudies@yahoogroups.com email list where reserves issues are discussed.

This wiki was compiled from real wikis that are in use. Personally identifying information has been removed. Please let me know if you find any names or other identifiers so I can delete them. sharon@sharonvillines.com


From the research available, wikis suffer if they are too organized or restrictive. Since wikis have a search function, it is better to let them develop and then create a structure when it is clear what it should be. This encourages people to feel comfortable adding and editing information. You will need as many people as possible adding information to keep the wiki up to date. 

Then one or two people, called "Gnomes,"  can go through and standardize the format, adding tags (which those of us over age 16 used to call keywordssubjects, or classifications), and moving pages. 

Each person authorized to add information is added under the management menu, which is not accessible in this demonstration. If their email address is listed, they have editing privileges or viewing privileges. Wikis can be private, restricted to the people given access, or public.

Sample Instructions for Residents on Adding and Editing Entries:

To add or edit information, click on a page listed in the left menu, then click the Edit Page button in the upper right corner. Type in the information and click the Save Page button in the upper right menu.

Or click the Create Page button. You will be taken to a page asking you questions about what kind of page you want to create and where to put it. Normally, you will click Web Page. Don't worry about where it should go. Just type a title in the box, click Save, and you will see the page you created. Type the information you want to enter and Click Save.

Don't worry about what to put where or how it should be phrased. Just do want makes sense to you and Add Everything You Know. The format can be changed later. The most important thing is recording whatever information you have.