Synchronizing WikidPad on multiple computers


I am using successfully for several month to sync my WikidPad-wikis to three computers. I use a original-sqlite database. This is important for it to work. In WikidPad's help you will find how to convert an existing wiki. I do not even quit WikidPad on one of the computers at all. Nevertheless I have no syncing problems. Since I don't quit WikidPad from time to time not all pages are found because they were changed on a different computer and were not indexed yet; then I do a database rebuild (in WikiPad's menu "Wiki") and everything is fine again; you can ignore the warning. Once in a while you should check your Wikis data directory for files with "conflicted copy" in the name; these are generated by Dropbox. You have to merge these manually. I recommend WinMerge for doing that.

FTP AutoSync by Wynia