DURRR~ Geordie Shore Season 7 Episode 1 Watch online Free Video

Geordie Shore Season 7 Episode 1 Watch online Free Video

Geordie Shore Season 7 Episode 1 The new series of Geordie Shore premieres on MTV on Tuesday 17th September at 10pm.

The show remained adament that, after the incident which took place in a nightclub, with Sophie allegedly slurring ‘I hate n******’, the show’s producers and big bosses would understandably not tolerate that kind of behaviour.

Sophie Geordie Shore

However, in a mysterious, dramatic and FLUMMOXING turn of events, Sophie took to video sharing app Keek yesterday, to speak out about the incident and promise that actually, she would be returning to season 7 of the controversial show. SAY WHUT.

Sophie shared a video stating the ol’ chestnut that people shouldn’t read everything they read in the papers and argued that she is definitely not a racist, with her own mixed race background.

She also promised that she WOULD be making a return to Geordie Shore, to get her boobs out a few more times, drink a few more tequila and orangeades, and GET FUDGIN’ MORTAL PET.

Sophie Geordie Shore

UPDATE - Soph’s now deleted the video from her account. So that’s very confusing, and we reckon she’s probably got into trouble for it for one reason or another. Ooh-errr.

SO BASICALLY, we have no idea what’s going on, but we just fancied writing an article with loads of Geordie phrases in. Hoos it gannin, flower? D’yee fancy tha toon, pet?

Are you hoping that Sophie will be returning to the show, or have you gone off her after all this? Comments please, GS fans.

Geordie Shore’s most notorious man-eater, Holly Hagan, revealed in this week's episode that she has developed a fear of unfamiliar tackle and now struggles to do the dirty with unknown lads' bits.

“I’ve definitely got c**k fright and I’ve definitely lost my slag title”, she said in episode six (August 13), having turned down several opportunities to hook up with lads so far in the Down Under series.

The double F beauty, who carved a reputation for being promiscuous after encounters with Gaz, James and more recently Scotty-T, as well as more than one lesbian stint since joining the show, is now using her new approach as grounds for going back to Scott every time she gets drunk.

She said, “Scott’s the only familiar c**k that I’ve actually got access to in Australia, so when I’m mortal it’s just easier to go for him.”

The pair got frisky yet again in this week's episode while they stayed in a motel ,as part of a joint punishment for bad behaviour.

Meanwhile, recently single Vicky, who was engaged to former cast mate Ricci Guarnaccio, has now taken Holly’s title as the most promiscuous female in the house.

But her newfound pulling prowess hasn’t gone down well with the rest of the Geordies, and several of them thave taken her aside to tell her to ease up on the chase.

Vicky, however, was less than impressed by everyone’s interference, telling James that she feels like she can’t win after previously being criticised for being boring and now being chastised for letting loose.