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Not so on “Prisoners” (opening Friday), a gritty film about two kidnapped girls and the cop who vows to save them. “I’m in the room and the director grabs six or seven or maybe 10 real, slithering snakes out of a bag and tosses them.“I’m pretending I’m not afraid of them,” adds Gyllenhaal. “I’m about to pee in my pants. The snakes were everywhere. They were crawling into little holes they found and getting lost in the walls.”Why not mention his fears?“Are you crazy? Gyllenhaal, 32, really wanted to say no to “Prisoners.” Blame the acclaimed 2012 movie called “End of Watch,” in which he also played a cop.“I had done so much research to play that previous role and had immersed myself for so long into that world,” he says with a sigh. “Honestly, I thought I might want to explore something else.”“Luckily, we ended up going to a whole different place with ‘Prisoners.’ ”Playing a detective working on a double kidnapping case meant that his own motives were divided.“You have to walk the line between being fascinated and infatuated with the mind of the criminal,” he says. “At the same time, you have to care so deeply about the victims.“You can’t show the victims how much you actually care because you have to follow protocol. You also have to keep everyone a suspect, including the people in the family and around the family who grow to hate you.”Clashing with Jackman onscreen was good fun.“The idea of this movie, deep down inside of it, is that if only these two men came together, they might find these little girls before it’s too late,” Gyllenhaal says. “When they do help each other, Hugh’s character ends up confessing so much to me. There’s this strange vulnerability between these two men who are working on the same side, but don’t really like each other.”The same can’t be said for the two actors.“I have so much love for him. People are so skeptical about how someone can be nice in this business. They ask, ‘How is that possible?’ ” he says. Watch Prisoners Online, Download Prisoners Free, Watch Prisoners Movie HDQ, Prisoners Free Movie Online, Download Prisoners HDQ Free, Watch Prisoners Movie Online, Download Prisoners Movie Free, Watch Prisoners Online HDQ, Watch Prisoners Online Now, Prisoners 2013 Movie Free, Watch Prisoners 2013 Online, Download Prisoners 2013 Free