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Right now I am the only person making these walkthroughs. If you would like to contribute your video walkthroughs, please just email me at I will be happy to have some help with these videos. This includes all games that the Wii system can play. So if you have or want to make a video walkthrough, please think about contributing to this cause. Of course, you will be given FULL credit for your Videos, user names, real names, or anything you want to be posted with your walkthrough will be posted. I will also only post your video if you want it to be posted, I do not post videos with out permission and I will take down any Videos if the owner changed his/her mind. 

Once again, videos will be given FULL credit to the owner, you can change your mind and your video will be taken down, and ALL games the games Wii can play are able to be posted.

Thanks a ton,