Wii Video Walkthroughs


I like to make Video walkthroughs for the Wii system. This includes ALL games that the Wii can play, like Wii games, GameCube games, and VC games. I am trying to make these videos fast. As always, contributing is very helpful, if want to help, click here to go to the Helping page. If you like any of my videos, please send me an email. I love feedback!

Thank you Google for all the hosting! Its because of YouTube, Google Pages, Google Talk, and Gmail that I am able to do this. You're AMAZING!

Here are the Walkthroughs I have made so far:

1. Super Paper Mario

Version .4 (Up to Chapter Five)

2. Metroid Prime 3

Version .00 (Coming Soon)

Extra Help:

If you need any extra help, just chat me when I am on. I am "wiiwalkthroughs@gmail.com"

Youtube content: