Source Menu Setup

What is the Source Menu?

The Source Menu is an optional menu that provides easy access to the types of games that WiiFlow can play.  You can easily switch from Wii games to SNES games to Gamecube games etc...  with just a few clicks.  The bad part is WiiFlow doesn't come with it, you will need to download one of the pack's below and extract it to the proper folder and then you may have to do some setup work to get it to work the way you want.  If you don't and you go to the Source Menu then all you will see are the five mode buttons for each WiiFlow mode.

The Source Menu is editable.  Meaning you can move and hide buttons and add only the ones you want.  See 'Modifying the Source Menu' below.  Check out the demo video on the main page and the one on the plugins setup page for a preview.


Download this source menu pack.   This pack is set to match the WiiFlow plugin's pack and the images are made by AbdallahTerro with maybe a couple from Mastershoes.  If you want to separate your Gameboy, Sega, and WiiMednafen games by consoles use the Advanced Plugins Setup and download this advanced source menu pack by Mastershoes.

Extract the source_menu folder inside to your root:/wiiflow/ folder so you end up with a root:/wiiflow/source_menu folder. There's an optional source_menu.ini in the pack.  You can edit it to your liking or leave it as is.

Note: You can optionally have the Source Menu show when you start WiiFlow.  Just set 'startup_menu=' under [GENERAL] in wiiflow.ini to yes.
Note: If you try to access a mode that is disabled you will see a '**DISABLED** message at the bottom.  This means in the wiiflow.ini you have that mode disabled and will need to enable it to work by edited the proper line in wiiflow.ini.  Or you can edit the source_menu.ini to not show that button.  Or just leave it as is.

Accessing the Source Menu:

Currently there are two ways to access the source menu from the main WiiFlow screen.
  • Press 'B' button and release.
  • Press 'B' while pointing at mode/view switcher icon. You must set 'b_on_mode_to_source=' under [GENERAL] in wiiflow.ini to yes to use It.
Modifying the Source Menu:

You can have up to 3 pages. Each page contains 12 image buttons for a maximum of 36 Buttons. Each button is represented in source_menu.ini as [BUTTON_#].

The buttons are positioned like this -
0 1 2 3
4 5 6 7
8 9 10 11

Each Button image is w120 x h90.

image=wii.png         // image normal
image_s=wii.png     // image selected (notice they can be the same)
source=wii             // see below

magic=53454741     // plugin magic (only needed when source=plugin)
emuflow=6              //optional - sets a preferred emuflow to use

There are seven sources to choose from and they are as follows -
1. wii = wii usb games
2. dml = gamecube dml games
3. emunand = your emu NAND
4. realnand = your real NAND
5. homebrew = homebrew view
6. allplugins = all plugins together
7. plugin = a specific plugin specified by the magic#

If you don't want a button to show set it's source equal to nothing. Like this