Forwarder Channels

Instead of always launching WiiFlow from the HBC you can install a WiiFlow forwarder channel on your wii system menu and launch directly from that channel. The nine channels shown below are the first 9 available. These 9 forwarder channels (minus the Nihon Flow forwarder) are included in forwarder pack 1 below. Choose if you use WiiFlow or WiiFlow Lite and then choose Wii or vWii. Each pack contains a .wad for each of the 8 channels. Use a Wad manager to install the one you want. WiiFlow forwarders use the title ID 'DWFA' and contain Fix94's v14b dol inside. WiiFlow lite forwarders use the title ID 'WFLA' and use Fix94's v12 dol inside because the v14b source code isn't available, but there isn't much difference. All forwarders use IOS58 and disable AHBProt.  Graphics and animations credit goes to the original authors Spayrosam, Mastershoes, JJ-Kwik, Jiiwah and Benjay.  If we have not credited you, our apologies as we don't know who all the original creators are.
If you have or know where to download Nihonflow forwarder please let me know on gbatemp.


Additional forwarders supplied by MassiveRican and Abz below.

WIIU USERS - These forwarders won't install/run properly on vWii.  You have two options:
  1. Use WiiFlow Channel Installer v1.1 by Fix94.  It detects if you are using Wii or vWii and installs the proper forwarder and hidden channel needed for apps and plugins to return to wiiflow.  The forwarder banner included is the default forwarder below.  Abdallahterro has a Clouds v15 forwarder for vWii but it does not install the hidden channel so you must install Fix94's first then use a wad manager to install the Clouds forwarder.  I hope to update all of these in the near future so you can choose to download the wii or vwii forwarder.
  2. Download the forwarder of your choice and then follow the guide by Fix94 to convert it to be usable on vWii.  Here's the guide - If you do this don't forget to do the same to the hidden channel.

Click the image below to download the forwarder of your choice.  They are in .wad format and will need to be installed with Wad Manager 1.7 or MMM.
Note:  For Wii users only - You will need IOS 58 installed to use these v14b forwarders.  System menu 4.3 should already have it.  If you need it use ModMii to download and install IOS 58.  Or you can use IOS 58 Installer provided your Wii has WiFi.  Wii U users do not attempt to install IOS 58.
Blue Circles
Super Mario Galaxy
Dark Umbra
Wiiflow 2nd Edition (no DUTag)