Emu NAND and Neek2o

The following guide is by AbdallahTerro (Abz).  Slightly edited by me.

Why do I need Neek?
Channels can be installed on your wii's real nand but the wii's internal memory is a tiny 512MB and you'll soon run out of space.  With an emu nand you can install as many channels as your storage device (SD or USB) has space for, which is usually way more than 512MB. You need Neek by Crediar to be able to play channels installed in your emu nand on SD or USB.  Other things you can do with Neek and a emu nand include:

  1. Play out of region channels
  2. Play your channels on other Wii's
  3. Use cheats
  4. Test custom channels and system menu themes without fear of bricking your wii
  5. Play DIOS MIOS GameCube games without installing a cMIOS
  6. Plus still play your Wii games

What’s Neek2o?
Neek2o is a mod of Neek by obcd and overjoy that added many features and allowed customization and ability to use neek off USB device with no SD inserted.

Can I use Neek2o in Wiiflow?
Yes, WiiFlow 4 can use Neek2o rev90+ to launch emu nand channels.

Is Neek2o mode really needed? I can use the regular mode just fine!
In 90+% of the time you’ll be fine but some games (castlevania rebirth, rubik’s rush, swords and soldires, target toss pro bags, Zelda majora’s mask….) won't work and just black screen.  Having WiiFlow launch those games via Neek2o solves the problem.

So what do i do to make this work?

First you need to make your emu nand.

This is the easiest way to make a Neek2o emu nand for your favorite USB loaders especially for WiiFlow 4.1+ or Postloader 4+

Here’s a basic pre-made emu nand by Abz included in his WiiFlow all-in-one pack (download on wiki homepage).  Includes only the disc channel, WiiFlow channel, Postloader channel, and Neek2o return to real nand channel.

4.3U or 4.3E (included in the pack)

You’ll also need:
WiiXplorer rev241: http://code.google.com/p/wiixplorer/downloads/list
Showmiiwads v1.4: http://code.google.com/p/showmiiwads/downloads/list

Region Free Hacks and Wiiflow Hidden Channel v2 are also already installed.

Premade Emunand Setup:
1. Extract Fresh_Emunand_4.3(E)_or(U)_Uneek_DI_rev95.7z to get “SD_Files” and “USB_Files” folders
2. SD Files are optional to be used with bootmii IOS
3. Copy the content of “USB_Files” i.e. “Sneek” and “Nands” folders to the root of a Fat32 32k cluster formatted USB HDD (after running a scandisk to make sure it’s free of errors)
4. Make sure you have Wiixplorer rev241 in your “apps” folder on SD or USB
5. Connect your HDD to the Wii and start WiiXplorer from the Homebrew channel
6. Select “Nand” as the source and copy “shared2″ folder by pressing the “+” button on it/select copy
7. Select USB (Fat32 partition where your neek files are) as Source and go to “Nands” >> “Pln2o” then click “+” and select paste
This will copy your “shared2″ folder with your Wii settings, Wiimote info, Network info to the new Emunand
8. Your Emunand is ready you can use it with Neek2o Channel, WiiFlow and Postloader for Neek2o mode and with all loaders for savegame Emulation
9. Use showmiiwads to fill the new nand with games and stuff (select the Nand Path in Options, then select your Wads folder and extract them “to Nand”)
10. Make sure you write the correct path in wiiflow.ini, it should look like this:

Congrats you have a working neek2o emu nand with all your games/channels

Tip: When everything works fine, backup \sneek\nandcfg.bin and \nands\pl_xx\title\00000001\00000002\data\settings.txt.  You might need them to repair trouble later.
Tip: You can also use a PC to set these 2 files to "read only" using file property or attrib command, this might prevent corruption.
Tip: You can create as many nands as you want but one is really enough.

Now what? I want to use WiiFlow to play my emu nand games.
1. Open Wiiflow 4 and go to channels mode or select emu nand from the source menu
2. Your games should appear and now you can download the covers and preview the banners
3. Start any game using default settings.  If you face an issue with default launch mode, try "neek2o" launch option on last game settings page
Note:  Some titles will just blackscreen since they belong to a different region, there's nothing you can do here except get the game from your region or wait for a neek2o or apploader update

When I exit the game I'm back to SM on neek2o nand!
If you have this issue update Wiiflow to rev4.0.2 beta 712+ and neek2o to rev 93+.  If you use the pack above this shouldn't be an issue.

Can I start WF in neek2o mode and play all WW/VC from there?
Sure, you need v14b forwarder and WiiFlow-Loader hidden channel from the pack above to be installed on your emu nand.  Use Showmiiwads.
Once that's done start Neek2o and then launch WiiFlow from your Neek2o emu nand system menu or launch WiiFlow from real nand and use Exit to Neek2o option via the home menu.
Tip: When you exit to neek2o, WiiFlow will run from USB\apps\wiiflow\boot.dol if present and if not there it will run SD\apps\Wiiflow\boot.dol
Whereas with the official forwarder channel SD path is checked first.
Hence advanced users can use this to run two different wiiflow revisions (one on SD and one on USB) but I recommend just having Wiiflow in one location only

Update on how things work: Using Wiiflow rev 712+ and neek2o rev93+
1. Start Wiiflow from real nand > Start any Wiiware in normal mode > Exit game > back to Wiiflow on real nand
2. Start Wiiflow from real nand > Start any Wiiware in neek2o mode > Exit game > back to Wiiflow on neek2o nand
3. Start Wiiflow from Neek2o nand > Start any Wiiware in any mode > Exit game > back to Wiiflow on neek2o nand
4. To go back to real nand select "Exit to real nand" from Wiiflow exit menu
Tip: you can use all modes in Wiiflow running in neek2o mode
Tip: To make GameCube mode appear in neek2o mode edit [DML] section in wiiflow.ini and make this tiny change : "always_show_button=yes"
Tip: only limitation is that Wii wbfs games won't load from NTFS partition
(but hopefully this will change in the future when support for all partition types will be added - thanks to OverjoY's hard work)

Official pages:
Sneek: http://code.google.com/p/sneek/
Neek2o: http://gbatemp.net/t.../313314-neek2o/
Wiiflow-Mod: http://gbatemp.net/t...gui-usb-loader/
ModMii: http://gbatemp.net/t...-support-topic/
More neek2o tips: http://gbatemp.net/t...r-neek2o-users/

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