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Themes allow you to change the look and feel of WiiFlow and alter the layout and visualisations of the CoverFlow mechanism we use in WiiFlow.

Please ensure the Theme you download is compatible with the version of WiiFlow you are using as new features and buttons may appear incorrectly (or not at all) if the Theme isn't up to date.

Also before reporting an issue with WiiFlow please ensure you have tested it with the DEFAULT theme selected to ensure the issue you are having is not Theme related.

Wiiflow 2.0 compatible themes are available in the attachments on their respective page, the rar's without build rev are the official 2.0 themes.

Download the theme you want and then extract its contents in to the /wiiflow/themes directory. Next time you load WiiFlow go to the menu and you should be able to change the Theme from DEFAULT to which ever theme you have added.