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  1.  sheLOvEs tO sHOp
  2. moVe
  3.  biGG FaTt salLY
  4.  mY engLish RIdINg cOat  
  5. With tHese hanDs 
  6. I don't WanT you
  7. faLLeN lIghTENinG
  8. GhOst rIDerS
  9. maKE FunOf yoUr girLfRiENd
  10. simm CITY sUckS
  11. i called YouR neVEr hOme
  12. wHo tEN ANNiE          

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    Musicians:  Rokko , Rollo , Quake & Doc - collectively known as COSMICLOWN 
    have been working on a self - titled studio Album for the past 38 years. 
    The 1960's - The generation of young people protesting for peace & love aka flower power
       Where have all the hippies gone? 

    The year 1974.... when it began. 
    That 1970's vibe you'll find in this album.

    The 1980's ... Lots of Hair & Beer

    1990's ...Hard Work

    2000's ... A New Era ..... It's all in there.

    "Why did it take so long to complete ?" ... You ask.
      That is a good question.
    Timeless & Epic - just the same.

    COSMICLOWN - a full length album where the Needle hits the Vinyl.

    One  major aspect found in both good music and genuine comedy is the timing. 
    Set to be released soon, the timing for  COSMICLOWN couldn't be better.

    Take a stroll to the website and have a look. 
    Explore the links & have fun. 
    Download a few FREE Mp3's. 
    Bookmark it ... become a fan.

      Pushing up against a crowded world bubbling with sound bytes,
    pop ups and sleazy webcams...  
      You want or need that quick fix with the appeal of a sugar high? 
    COSMICLOWN takes YOU higher.

    With  COSMICLOWN  you never know whats next.  
    a little Jazz, Metal, Bluegrass...  Pop, Classical,
    Folk, Punk, Classic Rock ???            




                                       " MY ENGLISH RIDING COAT"   STARRING  the late GREAT - LORI FLyN ON VOCALS

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