About Us

Glory Gals came about one day in early December  2013 Molly Lee (heard on WWIB's morning show), felt pushed to have a retreat for women by the Holy Spirit. Even though she had never done an event of this size with God's help and guidance Molly felt confident in the venture - most days anyway. Within the first week God's vision came into place with a crew, venue, and even some of the small group leaders. Doors were opening and excitement was building the more time has passed. One month later the Glory Gals crew was in place and ready for registration to begin.
The retreat plan that was laid on Molly's heart was to be non-denominational and it was to give tools that were both Christ focused and life focused. It was a plan of many people from many different backgrounds and life experiences. It is an amazing plan that only God could put together!

Our goals are:
1. Spread the word of God
2. Give Gals a bit of respite
3. Encourage Gals as they walk with Christ.

So what will this retreat look like? Up to 200 women learning about God and receiving tools/knowledge to help them walk the walk and talk the talk. There will be singing, activities, break out sessions, speakers, videos, formal dinner, door prizes, fellowship, down time and lets not forget laughter! We've even built in time so you can eat at a relaxed pace if you'd like :D plus we'll do the cooking and the dishes!

This can't be done with one person! God has blessed Molly with an amazing crew of volunteers.

  • Music Leader - Amy Baumgarten
  • Registration Co-ordinator - Heidi Ingle-Gillis
  • Marketing Assistant - Denise Boos

and many many faithful prayer partners