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Booking Information for Self Catering Holiday Accommodation


Booking Terms & Conditions

Wight Holidays ("the Agent") arrange bookings of properties as agents of the owners ("the "owner") of such properties ("the property"). When booking a property through us you enter into a contract with the owner of the property. we are not party to that contract and are responsible only for the administration of your booking, unless otherwise stated in these terms and conditions. References to "you" or "your" mean the person making the booking ("the party leader") and all members of the holiday party who have been accepted by the agent on behalf of the owner and who will all be bound by these terms and conditions.


These Terms and Conditions set out the basis of your contract with the owner, none of which affect your statutory rights.


1. Your booking


You are invited to book a property advertised and your offer to do so may be accepted subject to availability. The agent on behalf of the owner has the right to decline any offer of a booking prior to the issue of your written confirmation. If the agent does so on behalf of the owner, the agent on behalf of the owner will advise you in writing and will promptly refund any money you have remitted to the agent. The party leader must be at least 18 years of age at the time of booking. Your booking is made as a consumer and you agree that no liability can be accepted by the owner or the agent for any expenses, costs, losses, claims or other sums of any description which relate to any business, howsoever suffered or incurred by you. When the agent on behalf of the owner issue a written confirmation to you and your remittance has cleared, it is deemed that the owner has entered into a contract with you, which is subject to these conditions.


Disabled access and requirements: Special requirements and Access Statements must be requested in writing prior to making a reservation and paying a deposit. Neither the Owner nor the Agent will accept liability for any loss or inconvenience in the event the booked property is not considered suitable for those with any specific needs.

The Agent will not accept liability for the accuracy of the Access statements.


When you receive confirmation, the details should be checked carefully. If any of the details are not correct you should advise the agent on behalf of the owner immediately.


2. Paying your deposit & rent


You should complete the Booking Form and forward this with a cheque made payable to “S Leeming” in settlement of the deposit and booking fee. Together these usually equate to £180.00, (depending of the level of deposit, which may vary for some properties). Once the Booking Form has been received together with settlement of the deposit and booking fee, the agent will, on behalf of the owner, send your written confirmation as soon as administratively possible, receipting your remittance and detailing your booking. Please note that deposits are taken IN ADDITION to the rent, which is due for payment no later than SIX WEEKS before the start of your holiday. However, if you book less than 6 weeks before the start of your holiday, payment of deposit, booking fee and rent must be made immediately.


Deposits are returned to you, by the agent on behalf of the owner, as soon as administratively possible following your vacation from the property, providing that everything is in order and all outstanding charges have been settled. The Agent will hold the deposit as agents of the owner and no interest will be payable to either you or the owner.




Deposit £150.00

Booking fee (non-refundable) £30.00

Total required with Booking form *£180.00 (*may vary depending on variances in deposits)


Rent due **no later than 6 weeks prior to arrival e.g. £500.00 (**Except when booking made less than 6 weeks before arrival)

Total payable for holiday £680.00


3. Gas, Electricity and Water

Unless otherwise stated the rent for the property will include the consumption of mains services. You are advised to secure written verification from the agent on behalf of the owner should you be uncertain of liability in respect of services.

4. Telephone

 No Telephone on the property


5. Pay to view television


Unless otherwise stated the cost of any pay to view television connected to the property will not be included within the advertised rent payable. Should any such service be available that you wish to enjoy, at the absolute discretion of the owner, arrangements may be made prior to your arrival.


6. If you change or cancel your booking


(i) changes

If you wish to change your booking once your confirmation has been issued, an administration fee of £25.00 will payable to the agent by you once any change has been made. If the change to your booking is not possible to make and you are unable to honour the confirmed booking, cancellation terms will apply. Your request for a change of your booking must be stated in writing to the agent and the party leader shall be responsible for verifying safe receipt of same by the agent.


(ii) cancellations

Once the deposit has been paid and your booking confirmation issued, a binding contract has been deemed to have been made between you and the owner and you are liable for all the charges of the booking. If you have to, or wish to, cancel your booking, the party leader must telephone the agent at their offices as soon as possible. The party leader must also immediately confirm the cancellation in writing, sending notification by recorded delivery to the booking offices of the agent. The day the agent receives your telephone notification of cancellation is the date on which your booking is cancelled. The agent will endeavour to re-book the period of the cancelled booking and should the agent succeed in doing so, your liability for costs will be limited to the sum of the deposit and booking fee, settlement by forfeit. If the agent is unable to re-book the cancelled period, you will be liable for the full amount of the booking, including the rent, even if you do not occupy the property.


7. Curtailment


Should your holiday be curtailed (cut short), resulting in your surrender of possession of the property sooner than the agreed term, neither the agent nor the owner shall be liable to pay any refund of rent or fees to you in respect of the booking, or any costs incurred by you as a consequence of the curtailment of the holiday.


The agent strongly recommends that you insure your booking with a cancellation and curtailment policy.


8. Cancellations or changes to your booking by the Owner or the Agent


Neither the owner nor the agent expects to have to make changes to your booking, but occasionally problems occur and bookings have to be changed or cancelled. If this does happen, the agent will contact the party leader (by telephone where reasonably possible in the event of a significant change or cancellation, minor changes will be notified by post) as soon as reasonably practical to inform you of the cancellation or change and to explain why.


If a significant change has to be made (and the change is not acceptable to you) or your booking has been cancelled, the Agent will, if possible and as soon as reasonably practical, offer the party leader an alternative property (from the range advertised by the Agent) of similar type and standard in a similar location for the same or similar time of year. As the alternative property is likely to be owned by a different Owner to that of the original property booked, the advertised cost of the alternative property will be payable. You may be asked to pay any price difference if the alternative property is advertised at a higher price. However, it is possible you may be able to claim any price difference, if the alternative property is more expensive than the original one, from the Owner of the original property. Accordingly, if the alternative property is advertised at a lower price of the original one, you will receive a refund of the price difference, as long as you have already paid the balance of your total accommodation hire costs. If you do not wish to accept a significant change or any alternative property offered or the Agent cannot offer you a suitable alternative property, you will receive a full refund of all monies paid to the Agent from the Agent on behalf of the Owner.


In order to keep any period of uncertainty to a minimum, the Agent will, whenever possible, communicate with you by telephone in the case of a significant change or cancellation and you are required to do the same. The Party Leader is obliged to advise the Agent as soon as reasonably possible whether you wish to accept any change or alternative property offered, or alternatively whether you want a refund. In the unlikely event that the Party Leader fails to advise the Agent of your decision to accept or decline any change or alternative property offered, the Agent on behalf of the Owner is entitled to assume you wish to cancel your booking and receive a full refund of all monies paid to the Agent. Both the party leader and the Agent agree to confirm any such telephone conversations made to the respective party detailing the nature of the communication and any invitation, offer, acceptance or agreement.


In the unlikely event that your booking is significantly changed or cancelled, you will be offered compensation if and as appropriate. However, compensation will not be payable where any change or cancellation results from “force majeure” (please see clause X below) or where you have refused, without good reason, to accept any significant change or any alternative property you may have been offered.


Please note, that compensation will not be payable for minor changes. Such minor changes do not entitle you to take an alternative property or to cancel without paying the normal charges as set out in these Terms and Conditions. A minor change is a change, which the Owner could not reasonably expect to have a significant effect on your confirmed booking.


9. Circumstances beyond the control of the Owner / the Agent (Force majeure)


Except where otherwise expressly stated in these Terms and Conditions, the Owner and the Agent shall not be liable, jointly or individually, for any changes, cancellations, effect on your holiday, loss or damage suffered by you or any failure by the Owner and/or the Agent to perform or properly perform any of their respective obligations to you which is due to any event/s or circumstance/s beyond the reasonable control of either the Owner or the Agent. (referred to as “force majeure” in these Terms and Conditions) By way of an example only, force majeure includes fire, flood, exceptional weather conditions, epidemics, destruction or damage of the property by any cause (other than negligence of the Owner or the Agent) and all similar situations. In appropriate cases (for example when your booking has been cancelled under the aforementioned and similar circumstances before your departure) the Agent on behalf of the Owner will refund to you all monies paid to the Agent.


No compensation, expenses, costs or other sums of any description will be payable in such circumstances by either the Owner or the Agent to you.


10. Website details


All properties described in the website have been appraised by the Agent and the descriptions written by the Agent have been approved by the respective owner. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the descriptions convey an accurate account of the properties at the time of printing, errors occasionally occur. You must therefore verify all details of your chosen property, including price, with the Agent at the time of booking. Neither the Agent or the Owner can accept responsibility for any error, omission or misrepresentation, negligent or not or any liability arising from of any error, omission or misrepresentation, negligent or not in respect of the descriptions appertaining to the property in the brochure, on the website or in any other promotional literature or material produced and distributed by the Agent on behalf of the owner.


11. Your property


Whilst every effort has been made by the Agent and the Owner to provide you with the accommodation you desire, occasionally properties, their installations, fixtures, fittings, equipment and appliances may require remedial working in the event of a failure or breakdown. It is essential that you contact the Agent or the Owner at your earliest possible to opportunity, whilst you are in residence, to report any failure or breakdown observed. The Agent on behalf of the Owner will respond to any such report as soon as practicably possible with a view to instructing remedial works to limit any inconvenience that may be caused to you during your occupation of the property. Complaints made by you of a transient nature (i.e. cleanliness, heating, etc.) following expiry of the term of your occupation of the property can not possibly be investigated and will not be considered by the Agent or the Owner.


12. Safety regulations


The Owner acknowledges their legal obligation to ensure that the property complies with pertinent safely regulations and accordingly the owner agrees to or to have the property and its installations, as required, inspected by the appropriate qualified persons, as required.


13. Damage to property


You will be expected to leave the property in a good state of cleanliness, similar to that as found at the time of taking occupation and to leave the property in the same state of repair as found at the time of taking occupation. If, following your vacation, the property is found to require more than a standard clean and additional cleaning is deemed necessary, any extra cost for cleaning will be deducted from your deposit. If, following your vacation, the property or any of its contents are found to be damaged, save those reported to the Agent upon taking occupation, the responsibility for compensating the Owner for remedial works or replacement of goods will be yours, save fair wear and tear, and any costs will be deducted from your deposit or an invoice sent to you should the sum be greater than the level of deposit held.


14. Arrival & key collection


You will be advised, on your booking confirmation, of all arrangements appertaining to the collection of keys and times of arrival times.


15. Departure


You must vacate the property and return all keys by 10.00 on the expiry date of the term of your booking.


16. Linen & towels


Unless otherwise stated or arranged, linen and towels will not be provided by the Owner and you must bring or hire your own. You will not be permitted to use the beds, pillows and duvets provided unless suitable linen is used.


17. Special requirements


You must ensure that arrangements are made either independently or via the Agent for any special requirements, such has cots, high chairs, stair gates, etc. Items such as these will not automatically be provided by the Owner unless otherwise stated in the description for the property you have chosen.


18. Swimming pools 



19. Liability


Neither the Owner nor the Agent will accept liability for any death or personal injury or loss, during the term of occupation, however arising. The Owner agrees to provide appropriate and adequate insurance for the property and for the nature of its uses. You must ensure that you take all necessary steps to safeguard your personal safety and possessions.


The Agent acts only as agents for the Owner, the Agent can not accept any liability for any act/s or omission/s of the Owner or anyone representing, or employed by, the Owner. Further, the Agent can not accept any liability for any shortcomings or defects with or in the Property as all properties are within the sole control of the Owner.


20. Your rights


Your statutory rights are not affected by anything contained within these Terms and Condition.