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Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th August 


        - so you'll be free to help at the Garlic Festival!

Evening shoots - Now moved to Friday - beginning 1st June.

        sighters at 6pm, please be at field by 5.30pm - Club colours to be worn

Indoor Season - club awards - the results are in!

....and available here: Club Awards



The summer schedule is now available. see Schedule 

The results for this years tournament

can be found here Vectis Open

Kitchen Etiquette

If you use a cup, wash it up!

Equipment Purchases through the Club at Quicks Archery

Any members wishing to get club discount at Quicks Archery Shop must see either Stuart Dyer, Jim Young, Lee Grace  or David Wastall.  You will need to get an authorisation slip from one of these Committee Members at least four days before you go to Quicks and supply the date you are going. The rules of purchasing using this discount are on the notice board at both the clubhouse and Table Tennis Centre for you to read.  The minimum amount you must spend is £50.

Nicola Dent, Suzanne and Alan Banfield have items for sale on the For Sale page

The New Winter 2016/17 Schedule is on the Schedule page and a printable version is

on the Documents page.

New Beginners Course

For information on our next beginners course, please see our Beginners Course page.

PORTSMOUTH ROUND - Achievement Milestone Badges

In 2013, we introduced a new Portsmouth Round incentive scheme to motivate and potentially inject a little

competitive spirit, even if it is only with yourself!! - Award Badges for milestone achievements.

Starting at a score of 350 for the first badge, we will be presenting Milestone Badges for each increment of 25 thereafter.  That means

you will get a badge for 350, 375, 400, 425, 450 right up to and including the dizzy heights of 575.

After 575 the Milestone Badges will be awarded for increments of 5 ie 580, 585, 590 and so on.

Things you need to do:

- If you have more than one bow, choose which bow you wish to run the scheme with (no mix and match deals running here!)

- Notify Mike Smith or Lee Grace which bow you will be using.

- It is imperative you mark your score sheets with PB if you believe you have scored accordingly for a badge.

- Each time you achieve your next badge please return your old badge for recycling/reuse!

Unfortunately we cannot 'back date' badges using old scores.  The scheme is only taking scores from the current indoor season.

Any queries please see Mike Smith or Lee Grace ..................... Happy Shooting :-) .

When Shooting Indoors

No One is to start packing their gear away until the final whistle has been blown.  Thank you.

It was also noted that some archers do not come to help set up at the beginning of the first session and not helping to take equipment down at the end of the second shoot.  Help is required by all archers, even if you are unable to lift heavy gear, there are other light duties such as putting target faces on the bosses, and sorting out score sheets for each boss.  The hall is opened at 3pm for you to come and help.  Thank you.

New Hampshire Records

Congratulations to you all.

* Higher claim made

Name Round Bow Type Score Hits Golds X's Confirmed 
01/10/2017 Eden Grundy Portsmouth Jnr Ladies U16 B/B 494 60 10  Yes  
01/07/2017 Eden Grundy Metric 3 Jnr Ladies U16  B/B 1031144 14  Yes  
01/07/2017 Eden Grundy 40m distance(122cm face)Jnr Ladies U16 B/B249 36  Yes  
01/07/2017 Eden Grundy 30m distance(80cm face) Jnr Ladies U16 B/B248 36  Yes  
01/07/2017 Eden Grundy 20m distance(80cm face) Jnr Ladies U16 B/B305 36  Yes  
28/05/2017 Eden Grundy National Jnr Ladies U16 B/B 389 67 12  Yes  
21/05/2017 Eden Grundy American Jnr Ladies U16 B/B 524 84 17  Yes  
23/04/2017 Erik Burton Short Western Jnr Gents U18 B/B 624 96 24  Yes  
09/04/2017 Erik Burton Junior National Jnr Gents U18 B/B 506 72 22  Yes  
09/04/2017 Eden Grundy Short National Jnr Ladies U16 B/B 451 71 16  Yes  
02/04/2017 Eden Grundy Long Metric 4 Jnr Ladies U16 B/B 538 72  Yes  
26/03/2017 Erik Burton StaffordJnr Gents U18 B/B 51670 9 Yes  
26/03/2017 Lee GraceStafford Gents C/P 683 72 37  Yes  
19/03/2017 Tina Grace  Portsmouth DoubleLadies B/B 1024120 25  Yes  
19/03/2017Eden Grundy PortsmouthJnr Ladies U16 B/B 487 60  Yes  
26/02/2017 Tina Grace Worcester Ladies B/B 235 59 20  Yes  
22/01/2017 Tina Grace Bray 2 Ladies B/B 209 30  Yes  
22/01/2017 Tina Grace Bray 1 Ladies B/B 213 30  Yes  
22/01/2017 Eden Grundy  WA18Jnr Ladies U16 B/B 374 57  Yes 
15/01/2017 Lee Grace Bray 1 - 3 spot Gents C/P 283* 30 13  Yes 
15/01/2017 Phil Rackett Worcester Gents B/B 267 60 30  Yes 
15/01/2017 Erik Burton Worcester Jnr Gents U18 B/B 204 59 10  Yes 
08/01/2017Erik BurtonPortsmouth Double Jnr Gents U18 B/B 936 120 20  Yes 
11/12/2016 Erik Burton Junior National Jnr Gents U18 B/B448 70 16   Yes
27/11/2016 Erik Burton Portsmouth Double Jnr Gents U18 B/B 877 120  Yes
20/11/2016 Erik Burton Portsmouth Double Jnr Gents U18 B/B 811 120   Yes
13/11/2016 Lee Grace Stafford Gents C/P 678 72 30  Yes 
06/11/2016 Eden Grundy Worcester Jnr Ladies U16 B/B 205 60 13  Yes 
06/11/2016 Erik Burton Double Worcester Jnr Gents U18 B/B 293 102  Yes 
23/10/2016 Eden Grundy WA18 Jnr Ladies U16  B/B366 58  Yes
23/10/2016 Tina Grace Stafford Ladies B/B546  72 8 Yes
 14/08/2016  Eden Grundy Long Metric III Ladies U 16 B/B 43871 Yes 
 07/08/2016 Tina Grace Western Ladies B/B   660   94 38 -- Yes 
 03/08/2016 Ann FrankumWA 1440 90mLadies C/P1274 144 4413Yes 
 03/08/2016 Tina Grace WA 1440 90mLadies B/B 836 122105Yes 
 03/08/2016 Tina Grace Long Metric GentsLadies B/B 337 57 Yes 
 03/08/2016 Tina Grace Short Metric Ladies B/B 499 65 Yes 
 03/08/2016Tina Grace 70m Distance Ladies B/B 233 36 Yes 
 03/08/2016Tina Grace 50m Distance Ladies B/B 210 30 Yes 
 24/07/2016Tina Grace Long National Ladies B/B 448 72 15 -- Yes 
 20/07/2016Lee Grace WA 70 Double Gents C/P 1362 144 83 39 Yes 
 13/07/2016Tina Grace WA 1440 70m Ladies B/B 951 133 Yes 
 13/07/2016Tina Grace Long Metric Ladies Ladies B/B 496 72 Yes 
 13/07/2016Tina Grace 70m Distance Ladies B/B 241 36 Yes 
 06/07/2016Tina Grace WA 50 Ladies B/B 389 56 Yes 
 06/07/2016Lee Grace WA 50 Double Gents C/P 1367 144 81 34 Yes 
 06/07/2016Tina Grace WA 50 Double Ladies B/B 734 106 Yes 
 12/06/2016Tina Grace 70m Distance Ladies B/B 219    Yes 
 01/06/2016Lee Grace St. GeorgeGents C/P942    Yes 
 01/06/2016Tina Grace Albion Ladies B/B 693    Yes 
 25/05/2016Tina Grace Hereford Ladies B/B 815 133 28 -- Yes 

Competition Hampshire Records

Date Name Round Bow Type Score Hits  Golds X's Confirmed 
 04/09/2016Tina Grace70m DistanceLadies B/B2473611Yes
 03-04/09/2016Tina Grace WA 1440 70m Double Ladies B/B 1887 283 15 Yes 
 03/09/2016Tina Grace WA 1440 70m Ladies B/B 952 141 Yes 
 03/09/2016Tina Grace Long Metric Ladies Ladies B/B 496 71 Yes 
 03/09/2016Tina Grace 70m Distance Ladies B/B 231 35 Yes 
 03/09/2016Tina Grace 60m Distance Ladies B/B 265 36 Yes 
 24/06/2016Tina Grace Long National Ladies B/B 360 66 10 -- Yes 
 22-23/06/2016Tina Grace Double Hereford Ladies B/B 1688 282 55 -- Yes 
 22/06/2016Tina Grace Hereford Ladies B/B 862 142 31 -- Yes 
 12/06/2016Tina Grace Long Metric Ladies Ladies B/B 459   -- Yes 
 08/06/2016Tina Grace Albion Ladies B/B 551   -- Yes 

Please visit the Competition Page for up to date information for away competitions.

Club House Lights and Heaters
Please can you make sure all lights and heaters are turned off when locking up the club house, as the lights were left on from Sunday through to Monday evenings Committee Meeting.  Thank you. 

Contacting the Committee by Email

Any members wishing to bring anything to the attention of the Committee, please use the contact form on our website, as the emails are only seen by a Committee Member.  Please try not to tell a Committee Member at the field while shooting, as we are only human and forget by the time we get home.  Thank you.

Dog Owners

Dogs are welcome to come to our outdoor shoots, but must be tied up when expensive equipment is on the field and while 

shooting is taking place.  If you wish to exercise your dog, please wait until all equipment is put away. Can you bear in mind some people are afraid of dogs, so please be mindful of others using the field.  Also, if your dog fouls on the field, it is up to the owners to clear up straight away.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Club Colours

It has been decided at the Committee Meeting held on Monday 13th April, that in future no blue jeans will be allowed to be worn on Sundays and Wednesdays official shoot days.  This is in line with GNAS (Archery GB's rules).  This will apply to any member of our club whether new or old, also that all tops must be long enough so that when you are shooting you do not show your tummy. Thank you.

Several members have been having trouble getting green trousers recently, so it has been agreed by the Committee at the meeting on the 12th January 2015 to change to black or white trousers/short/skirts from now.  Present members with green trousers can continue wearing them until the end of 2016.

The wearing of Club Colours is compulsory for official shoot days (i.e Sundays and Wednesdays) and competitions.  Our colours are bottle green or white Polo Shirts and white or black trousers/shorts/skirt.  New members are requested to purchase their club colours within three months of joining the club.  Any member having difficulty in complying with the dress code should approach the Chairman in confidence.

White polo shirts, green fleeces and sweatshirts can be ordered and embroidered with the club logo from Kids and Co, High St, Ryde. They will also embroider kit provided by you for a small charge.  If you choose to have your top embroidered with the club logo, we suggest that right handed archers have the badge put on the right hand side of the top and vice versa for left handed archers so you don't cover up the badge if you wear a chest guard.

Any make of smart plain white or black trousers/shorts/skirts are permitted. Please be aware that Black Jeans may not be allowed at away competition shoots.

Sandals and open shoes are not allowed when shooting for reasons of safety.  Thank you.

Target Faces

The Committee requests that in future no one is to fold the target faces in half or in four as this damages the Gold area badly.  Also,  PLEASE can you store them over the pole in the store room, and not on the floor.  Thank you.

Please Take Note:-

Just a reminder that your GNAS Insurance only covers you to shoot at GNAS recognised venues.  You are NOT covered if you shoot in your gardens, farmers fields or anywhere else. Thank you.

Sponsored Shirt

The Committee has agreed to let Lee Grace wear his sponsors shirt for a year at club shoots in recognition of his excellent standard of shooting.  Well done Lee. 

It has also been agreed that archers competing in the Island Games this year will be allowed to wear their shirts at our club shoots for a year after the competition, as stated in the GNAS rules.

Important Messages

After several comments from members the Committee wish to make the following statement:

Wight Bowmen try to be a family friendly archery club and with this in mind the Committee would like to remind members that children under the age of 9 should be accompanied by a non-shooting parent/guardian at club shooting venues.

The Committee request that spectators with children only bring them to the first session of the indoor shoot and not bring them to the second session or on any day when a Club Championship Competition is listed in the schedule.

Members are reminded of the shooting etiquette, in not talking in a loud voice whilst others are shooting.  If any person becomes disruptive it is within the Field Captain's powers to ask them to leave.


Any Member wishing to start shooting a Compound Bow, will need to be assessed for safety reasons by a compound archer, as these are very powerful bows, and if it is deemed necessary, receive further tuition by a compound archer/coach until safety concerns are met before shooting on Club Target Days.

If you wish to use a compound bow, please see Lee Grace who has offered to assess members.  Thank you.

Sunday Mornings

During the winter season the club field will only be available for shoots as long as a key holder is able to be present.

If you would like to be responsible for opening up on Sunday mornings during the winter, please contact Tina Grace or via the club email address.  Thank you.

Summer and Winter Practice Sessions

Practice sessions are on Tuesdays from 1pm and Fridays from 5pm as long as a Key Holder is available to open up and then available to lock up afterwards.  Please understand that we can't promise to be there every week.

Score Sheets

Please can you make sure that your score sheets are filled out properly with your full name, date, age if you are a junior, the type of bow that you are using and the round that you are shooting. You also need to enter the distance in yards or meters after each set of scores. Make sure that you add up all of the hits, scores, golds and X's (if applicable) at the end of each dozen and at the end of each set of scores. Please also make sure that you enter any X's that you get on metric rounds. At the end of the shoot please sign your score sheets and that the target captain has also signed it. If you are the target captain then get someone else on the target to sign as the target captain. If you get a personal best can you also make sure that you mark it on the sheet by putting Pb.

Below is all the information you need to fill out score sheets

Personal Best Scores
Please can you make sure you keep a record of your scores so you know when you get a personal best score, then enter Pb clearly on your score sheet on the day of the shoot. I am afraid that the Records Officer has not got the time to check everyones scores for Pb's. Thank You.