For Sale

Suzanne and Alan Banfield have lots of Items for Sale

If you are interested in any of the items listed on the following two links, please email Suzanne at:- 

Right Handed Equipment:-

Ultima Carbon Recurve Sight, right handed, black and Beiter sight tunnel + inserts 8 mm 4 pack.  
                                                 Would like £185 *reduced £165
Easton Oval Arm Guard, red colour.  £4
Flex Pull II Arrow Puller and Belt Clip.  £1.50
Pro-Allen Wrench set XL.  £5
Long Shot webbed bow stringer.  £3
1 x Clicker 6/32A.  £5

Easton Carbon A/C/E 720 Arrows Numbers Wraps x 12 (one bare shaft) XS wings, pin knocks & points.  Right Hand Fletched. Just used a few times. £190

9 x Easton Arrows A/C/E 720, pin knocks, tips XS wing fletchings. Left Handed Fletched.  £85 *reduced £70
JOB LOT:- 22 Aluminium Arrows & vanes, some fletched with feathers.  Knocks, points, 3 finger tabs, fletching tape, various knocks & kissers. 
                               Dunlop tape style finger sling and number decals  £80


Hoyt Bow Kit for Sale

Ideal kit for beginners, included are:

Hoyt Riser - Right Handed
Set of Core Archery Limbs 
Bow String
Bow Stringer
Arm Guard
Fletchings and Glue
Comes with 12 Easton 1616's platinum Plus arrows
Bow Stand
Bow Bag

All this for £325.00

If you are interested in this Bow Kit, please contact Nicola Dent through the club email address,
which is: