Beginners Course





To join our club you need to successfully complete a Beginners Course that will teach you the basics of archery.


Wight Bowmen usually offer two beginner archery courses a year, these are held indoors during our winter season, usually in October and January, and all equipment is provided for your course.


All courses run for 3 consecutive Saturdays from 2:00pm to 5:00pm and to successfully pass the course you must attend all three of these sessions. The course is followed by a mentored shoot with the whole club on the following Sunday, where you will get to meet other members and see how our club is organised.


You need to be 11 years of age and over to undertake a course with us and join our club.


If you are interested in a course please monitor this page where all new courses will be advertised, usually two months in advance, or if you require further information please use the “Contact Us” form on this website



Costs (at time of publication)


Beginners Course : £50 


Annual Membership: Adult (over 18 years): £45                 Junior (under 18 years): £25                          In receipt of State Pension: £25  


Annual GNAS (insurance to shoot):

Adults over 25 years £51.00               Adults 18 to 24 years £17.00              Juniors under 18 years £14.50             Disabled archer £11.00


Target Fees: £3 a week, but only if you shoot.


Bow Hire: £5 a week, but only if you use our club bows.