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Website in short. Since february 2102 we live in the Eifel in Germany. Because lots of non-ionizing radiation (cell phone towers, wifi etc) in Holland we were forced to leave our country. Marja is elektrosensitive since februar 2012. We had to sell our beautifull home nearby the sea and had to take refuge in a more safer area in Germany.   
Although life as a elektrosensitive person is tough and hard, we want to dedicate our lives for radiation free areas in the Netherlands but also in Germany. Because we are never sure how long we can live in our home. But also because we care for other elektrosensitive persons. Human rights of elektrosensitive persons are constantly severly exceeded. This must be stopped. Our actions focus on improvement of the lives of elektrosensitive people. Our main perspective is wave free areas with no radiation at all for elektrosensitive people: a place to live, work and recreate.
We cooperate with organisations and persons who subscribe the same perspective we have.