After a long day you just want to get home and relax. Whether that be by the computer, or in bed streaming a movie, you rely on your WiFi on a daily basis. So what do you do when your internet strength isn’t what it should be? You need an easy to use device which will boost the signal and luckily, 2016 has brought us some of the best wifi extenders.

Ultimate Best Wifi Extender

WiFi extenders are able to catch wireless signals and rebroadcast them throughout a space on a broader scale. This will help strengthen the signal from the router, allowing it to reach various floors and levels of a building.

Ultimate Best Wifi Extender

It needs to be placed in a relatively central area of the building, but shouldn’t be too far away from the router. It’s important to remember that the extender is simply boosting the signal, so if the location it’s in is a weak connection spot it will rebroadcast the weak connection.

Ultimate Best Wifi Extender

The best place for your WiFi extender is halfway between your main router and the wireless devices you’re looking to strengthen the signal too. It’s best in an open area such as a corridor or a large room such as the living room, rather than a crowded space.


Another thing to keep in mind is that your extender should be placed away from any other devices in your home which may interfere. Devices like your home phone or cordless phone, Bluetooth devices, as well as microwave ovens as they may interfere with your extender.