Wife Pregnant With Black Baby

    black baby
  • (The Black Babies) The Black Babies is the first EP recorded by the folk rock artist Devendra Banhart. It was released only in the United Kingdom through Young God's UK distributor, Cargo UK, in 2003.
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wife pregnant with black baby
wife pregnant with black baby - Nuvo Ritmo
Nuvo Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System, Black
Nuvo Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System, Black
The Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Audio System provides a simple yet sophisticated way to safely deliver sounds, music, and recorded voices from your mp3 device or smartphone directly to your baby in the womb. This system comes with the Safe and Sound Controller, which continually adjusts the music decibel level to provide an added level of safety to the listening experience for your developing child. The proprietary four-speaker surround sound belt offers a high-quality audio experience, all while remaining lightweight and comfortable enough for future mamas to wear at home and on-the-go. No matter what your choice in music is, Ritmo allows you and your baby to effectively listen and bond through your favorite tunes and spoken stories.
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Ritmo Advanced
Pregnancy Audio System
At a Glance:
Share your favorite music and sounds with your child during pregnancy
4-speaker belt system that securely positions speakers at strategic locations to ensure your baby receives a high-quality 360-degree audio experience
Safe and Sound Controller learns the patterns of music and sounds and plays it to your baby in the womb at a continuous safe and stable decibel level
Extension belt for added comfort for the growing and glowing you
Allows a bond to form between mother and child through music and sounds
Compatible with all music devices that feature a standard 3.5mm audio headphone jack
One-year warranty
Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System Audio Belt Product Shot
Safely and easily delivers high-quality audio to your baby in the womb.
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Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System . Product Shot
Sound controller ensures safe audio levels and works with any audio player with 3.5mm jack. View larger.
Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System . Product Shot
Future moms and dads can play their favorite songs, sounds, or record their own voices for the baby to hear.
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The Complete Prenatal Audio System
When you listen to different kinds of music during and after pregnancy, you'll be stimulating your baby's senses and improving his or her brain development. In fact, developing babies can hear sounds as early as 17 weeks. By using four speakers instead of the standard one or two, the Ritmo Advanced spreads sounds across the entire womb instead of concentrating sound in specific areas. This 360-degree listening experience provides the quality sound wherever the baby is positioned in the belly.
The Safe and Sound Controller within the Ritmo Advanced uses digital acoustic technology to learn the patterns and sounds of the songs you choose. It then produces the music at a safe and stable decibel level that is customized for babies in-utero.
Connect to Your Own MP3CHIC
Nurture the Bond Between You and Your Baby
Ritmo Advanced babies are provided the opportunity to develop strong bonds with their mothers by listening to sounds and music while still in the womb. By playing your much-loved songs through your own iPod, mp3 or smartphone and connecting it to the Ritmo Audio Belt, your baby hears the music and sounds that are important to you.
Future fathers can also enjoy the benefits of Ritmo Advanced by choosing music or loading audio of their voice reading a bedtime story or singing a lullaby onto your mp3 device. These patterns and sounds of music or voices help to produce a calming effect on babies in the womb, which can even benefit babies after they are born.
Stylish, Comfortable, and Convenient for Mommy
The belt is made of stretchy Spandex fabric that fits snugly and comfortably around your entire stomach. Even if you have a busy and active schedule, Ritmo Advanced is always accurately positioned in the right locations on your belly. The extender belt can be adjusted to fit your growing belly throughout pregnancy, while the sleek and stylish design allows Ritmo Advanced to be an accessory you're proud to wear. You also get a handy pouch that can be used to protect the belt while in the washer, or to store the entire kit when not in use.
The Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Audio System is backed by a manufacturer's one-year warranty.
What's in the Box
Pre-assembled Ritmo Premium Pregnancy Audio Belt, Ritmo Audio Controller (rechargeable), 4 mini premium speakers, power supply/charger, washable protective pouch, extender belt, detailed instructional booklet.
Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System Audio Belt Product ShotRitmo Pregnancy Sound System Audio Belt Product Shot
Choose the Ritmo that Fits your Pregnancy Best!
Ritmo RitmoRitmo AdvancedPrenatal Sound System
with Removable 4-Speakers••Ritmo Premium
Prenatal Audio Belt••Extension Belt••Ritmo AdvancedRitmo Safe &
Sound Controller •Rechargeable Battery
+ Charger •Washable Protective Pouch •Luxury Gift Box •
Trademark Information:
Nuvo Group™

20 weeks pregnant
20 weeks pregnant
My wife. Shot with a Nikon D90, Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8, SB-600, Gary Fong Lightsphere, edited in Aperture with Silver Efex Pro.
preggy wife 02
preggy wife 02
Shot with one DIY studio light.
wife pregnant with black baby
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