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About Volksmarching

Have you ever wondered where the German sport of people marching originated? Well, in 1963, the Sports Club of Bobingen, a small town near Augsburg, organized a "fun run" - the or "people's run" to stir interest in the club among general public. According to the original rules, participants had to complete the required distance within a specified amount of time in order to receive a medal. It was not uncommon for people to overextend themselves and they started expressing strong opposition to the age categories and timed events. Out of this grew opposition "People Marching," an event in which everyone could participate -. Young or old - And which could be done without competition By 1968, the International Federation of Popular Sports (better known as the "IVV") was formed by Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The national emblems of these four countries were placed in a wreath to form the symbol IVV.

One of the benefits of people marching is its appeal to people of all ages and walks of life. At the completion of the event, the participant can receive either credit for the marches and walked miles, while an attractive prize, or both. After Determining whether or not to walk for an award, the participant pays a minimal registration fee (ranging from € 1.50 to € 3.60 including award) and receives a start card. Along the marked trail, the start card is stamped at control points. At at the end of the march, the participant exchanges the start card for award or credit. Everyone who completes a Volksmarch is a winner!

By 1974, the sport of the people had become so popular Marching among the Americans and their German friends in the Heidelberg area that the Heidelberg International Wandering Club was formed. True to the "international" in its name, the club opened membership to anyone who had interest in the people marching. At its peak, the club had over 1200 members. With the closing of the American base in Heidelberg the club also came to an end in June of 2013. The members of HIWC voted to help start a club in the Wiesbaden area to carry on the sport of Volksmarching. In April of 2013 the Wiesbaden International Wandering Club was officially born. 

Wiesbaden Volksmarching,
Aug 27, 2014, 6:08 AM