I am currently a Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in Sociology at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. In October 2018 I will join the Department of Social Science at University College London as a Lecturer in Social Science and British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow. 

My work broadly centers around civic engagement, inter-ethnic relations, segregation, social networks, economic hardship, community well-being and their interrelationships. Furthermore, I have a keen interest in quantitative research methods. My research is published in the American Sociological Review, Social Forces and several other outlets. 

I am also involved in the preparation of a multidisciplinary social science textbook ("Societal Problems as Public Bads") that will be published with Routledge early 2019. This book addresses many of the most pressing problems facing societies today, showing in particular how many of these problems can be traced back to behaviors that are perfectly rational and often well-intended from an individual perspective. 

I have a doctoral degree in Sociology from the University Oxford, after previously having been trained as an economist at Tilburg UniversityPlease see my CV for further details.

                                                                                         Feel free to contact me via email: dingeman.wiertz@nuffield.ox.ac.uk.