Panel Details

Keynote Session: Financing the Growth of India
For much of the past decade, India’s strong economic growth rate and its emergence as a global powerhouse has been well documented, publicized and discussed. While the fundamental demographics of India point towards long-term growth, the macroeconomic outlook, financial markets, legal/regulatory framework and business environment is fast-evolving. The session will bring together policy makers, banking and corporate executives and discuss how the different stakeholders can work together to fuel India’s growth.

Keynote Session: Future of Housing   
It can be argued that while India has come a long way in providing roti and kapda to its citizens, an affordable makaan is still an aspiration for most. Economic liberalization ushered in an era of unprecedented private sector activity, especially catering to the upwardly mobile urban consumer. The economic boom is further highlighting the widening gulf - juxtaposing more skyscrapers against more slums, causing speculative housing bubbles and even precipitating crises when the goals of builders collide with those of landowners.   The session will bring together executives in the housing sector and address some key questions – prospect of affordable housing for India's burgeoning middle-class and lower income, financing environment for home buyers and investment outlook for housing developers.

Panel: Private Equity  
As the Indian private equity landscape witnesses an unparalleled flow of new capital, the level of undrawn ‘dry powder’ remains significant. This panel will give aspiring or current general partners, limited partners and promoters, an insight into the challenges and opportunities that could arise, as India attempts to mobilize these funds to bolster the growth in private enterprise. These perspectives will be analyzed from the viewpoint of general partners and promoters.

Panel: Entrepreneurship 
A wave of first-time entrepreneurs is leading India’s next generation of start-ups in both traditional and non-traditional sectors. Many of them are MBAs or have work experience outside India and have left lucrative careers to launch start-ups in India. This panel is a forum for potential entrepreneurs to understand the challenges and opportunities of setting up a new business in India from directly from successful entrepreneurs and experienced angel and VC investors.

Keynote Session: Business Innovation
As the market opportunity for Indian companies grows both, domestically and globally, innovation is at the core of a successful business strategy. The keynote session will bring together industry leaders to provide a perspective on how Indian corporations are implementing Business Innovation to increase their competitive position in the global economy.