Future Plans


 a. Secure Support for Administration and Staff Expenses

WOM staff of four does not take a salary due to lack of funding. This makes it difficult to focus on the expansion of programs because currently the staff is overworked, yet not paid. Bringing on more unpaid staff is not an option, so WOM must focus on securing funding for the current that and maximizing what can be done with limited resources.

Currently administration overhead expenses of electricity, phone, photocopying, office supplies, motorcycle fuel, computer maintenance, advertising, and promotion , and other expenses are covered through self-generated activities. We raise money for the office through the sale of shea butter, shea nuts, and baskets. This income is not nearly enough and we struggle to cover all of the operations expenses.

b. Secure Funding for a Programs Officer and Office Staff

The National Director, Office Manager, newly hired Program Officer and two other staff members are unpaid and have taken on the responsibility of administrating the numerous programs. Without the staff paid and the necessary resources, WOM's is currently over extended. While our programs are well managed, we see the potential for more growth. It is our hope that WOM would have paid staff members so there may be dedication to nurturing our programs and help us meet the ever growing demand for support.

c. Secure a Loan for Passenger Van

A van could be used as an income generation project by taking paying passengers between Bolgatanga to Tamale and/ or Kumasi. The income from the van would make enough income to make payments on the loan,  van maintenance and help with staff salaries and administrative expenses that donor agencies disallow.

A project in Koforidua,  Eastern Region was able to secure a loan for a passenger van and the proceeds from the van was enough to pay off the van in one year. Their van travels to and from Koforidua to Accra and on busy days travels from Koforidua to Kumasi. They have a trusted driver who is also a mechanic to ensure the vehicle is kept in optimum condition.

The estimated loan required for a passenger van would be approximately 13,000 Euros. That amount would include vehicle registration and  insurance. Also it would advantageous to advertise the Widows and Orphans Movement (NGO) with the Logo on the van.

Please keep in mind that if you would like to donate to any of the WOM projects please earmark your donation for that project.

Geographic Coverage of Widows and Orphans Movement

 Upper East Region

 85 Widows Groups

  7,000 women

 Northern Region

 28 Widows Groups

  2,296 women

 Upper East Region

    8 Widows Groups

    656 women

 Ashanti Region

    5 Widows Groups

    410 women

 Volta Region

    4 Widows Groups

      328 women

 Great Accra Region

 National Executive

     10 women

 6 Regions of Ghana

 130 Widows Groups

 10,700 women


a. Creation of a  Widows and Orphans Centre. 

A Widows and Orphans Centre would act as:

  • a place for homeless widows

  • a treatment centre for learning a trade or craft
  • a place for educating the widows
  • a centre for meetings and dissemination of information

b. Creation of a Weaving centre at PUSU NAMONGO

The photo to the right  is the Widows and Orphans (WOM) weaving at Pusu Namongo in the Nabdem Talensi District.  In one of the classroom there are five large ovens where widows are learning to bake bread  and cakes. In another classroom there are classes in  loom-weaving of cloth, and orphan boys are being trained to sew smocks. The structure was sponsored by United Nations Gender Desk. WOM has acquired more land and would like to develop the centre to be the permanent training centre of the Upper East Region. At the moment we need water and lights at the centre.

We would more room for training such as in dressmaking, and carpentry. There also is a need for toilet facilities and it is WOM's initiative to have composting toilets so that in the future,  composted waste can be used as natural fertilizer.

c. Creation of a KIOSK 

 A Widows and Orphans Kiosk would act as:

  • a place to sell products made by widows and orphans such as baskets, hand woven cloths, clothing, shea butter and pomades, and handmade smocks

  • a means of providing an income to enable sustainable development for the Widows and Orphans Movement

  • a means of advertisement for the Widows and Orphans Movement
  • a mean of providing widows and orphans an opportunity to learn more skills

The northern areas of Ghana have a harsh climate with heat as high as 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees F), declining fertility of soil, declining rainfall and a sparse population. Bolgatanga is presently the fastest growing city in Ghana due to farm failures.

Recently there has been good news of tourism opportunities for Ghana due to the decline of stability in the neighbouring West African countries. More tourists are visiting Ghana and experiencing the warm welcome and hospitality of the Ghanaian people. Also, there has been more emphasis on improving the state of affairs in Northern Ghana through emphasis on tourism