Pedagogy & Instruction Subcommittee

Timeline & Action Steps
Action Step
Who is Responsible?
By When?
K-12 Student Focus Group (Virtual)
  • CESA location to hold conference.
    • set up blog/wiki to gather discussion questions at the conference.
    • Gather contact names for schools and set up details of the conference
    • .
    • Forum (Blog/Wiki)Gather questions to be presented at conference.
    • Skype/WebEx (for Live)
    • Cross Section of Students through this group or other educators
    • Cross-cultural group/extreme rural


    Carrie P
    October 31, 2011
    Pedogological Educator Survey
    • Professional Learning Workgroup
    August 31, 2011 for survey draft
    October 31, 2011 for actual survey
    What are other model schools around the country using?
    September 31, 2011
    Subgroup visits “model schools”
    • Best Practice Schools
    • Video of Best Practices, Etc.
    Jen P
    September 31, 2011
    Other Notes
     Exemplary districts or best practices...
    • Kenosha
    • Chad Kafka
    • Oregon School District
    • Sun Prairie
    • Janesville
    • DC Everest
    • Naomi Harm
    • Pulaski
    • Paula Walser
    • Appleton E School
    • Watch Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century
    K-12 Focus Notes
  • Contact CESA's to set up a dates in October. Possibly a Thursday and Friday of a week. CESA help with school districts and college connections.,
  • Two seperate days for two different age groups
    . 5th grade-9th grade and 10th-college
    Sent forum to group for gathering questions for the student state meeting.

    Pedagological Educator Survey Notes
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    Nationwide Examples Notes
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    Statewide Best Practices Notes
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