Old Format Curriculum and Assessment Template

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Outcomes - The resulting strategic plan will lay out priority issues for which specific actions can be assigned.  The advisory group would identify what these actions are, who they recommend be focused on the actions as responsible parties, provide a recommended timeline for action, and identify perceived investment costs for all actions.  The plan should be a road map decision makers can follow for implementing digital learning in Wisconsin.  It should create focus for our work in DPI, and create focus for many other partners across Wisconsin as well.

Issues within charge

Curriculum and Assessment
  • Focus learning on the most relevant skills that create a productive workers and engaged citizens
  • Examine and recommend digital tools for formative (e.g., blogs and e-portfolios), benchmark, and summative assessment
  • Provide focus for keeping technology related learning goals contemporary to the needs of the Wisconsin workplace
  • Promote practices that ensure all students in Wisconsin graduate being effective users of information and technology skills and the tools necessary to be successful in the 21st century
  • Facilitating the use of content

Here is where the real work begins: taking our vision and core values, explaining the rationale, and making concrete recommendations for implementation.  At the bottom of the page is a running comments section for discussion and suggested readings.  Embedded in this page are areas to begin the collaborative writing process.

A. Narrative of Rationale and Desired Outcomes: What is the vision of Curriculum and Assessment within the Digital Learning Plan?  What will it look like if we are successful?  What data do we have to support the need and solution (cite the information and source). What data do we still need to find and/or collect?  What research and evidence exists that this will work?  Use your notes from May 24th, the Vision Documents and Resources to Share to begin.

Vision and Outcome: Curriculum and Assessment

C. Narrative of where we are now: Use any existing data that we have to support.  Is there data we need? 


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D. Possible Path(s) to our Desired Outcome:  This should be a narrative story. Include evidence that the path(s) will work. Where will leadership be needed at various levels (school, district, regional, state)?  The NETS for administrators may be a good resource for this. 

Path Narrative: Curriculum and Assessment

E. Specific recommendations, implementation steps, measurable objectives, timeline, and responsibilities?  Again, include where leadership will be needed at the various levels.

Recommendations - Curriculum and Assessment

Timeline for subcommittee: Include who else we need ask to get the information we need.  Include research or data that we need to get.

Timeline for Curriculum and Assessment Subcommittee