Welcome to my Widefield Astroimaging site.

On these next few pages I hope to show you why and how I took up Astroimaging.

The prime mover towards Astroimaging was very simple. I couldn’t see very much from my suburban garden ! After a very brief foray with a DSLR camera, which I didn’t feel very happy with, I bought a cooled CCD camera.


I almost exclusively use camera lenses now and invite you to check out the Gallery pages to see what they can do. In over two years of imaging with my present set up I've not run out of targets.


Please click on gallery images to enlarge.



 An image in Orion using a combination of 105mm and 250mm lenses.


Please be aware that this site is still under construction. There may well be errors and omissions that will be dealt with.

Please contact d(dot)williams999(at) o2(dot)co(dot)uk if you spot any :o)