Welcomes, Registering, and WIFI-ing: 8:45-9:10
The registration area will be near the South Entrance and near the Cafe/Lounge area.  

Session A 9:10-10:20
Talk Pray-Harrold 301
Derek Mueller, EMU “The Hyper-Circumference of Effectiveness in Three FTL Jumps”
Jana Rosinski, EMU “Technically speaking, what is digital composition?”
Geoffrey V. Carter, SVSU “SignspongeBob SquarePants: Digital Proof & Erasure”

Talk Pray-Harrold 302
Sherrin Frances, SVSU  “Composition I by the numbers: Comparing success rates between face-to-face and online community college students”
Ann Blakeslee “What Should Writing Support Look Like in Digital Environments?
Cindy Guillean, Rhonda McCaffrey, Joe Torok, Dave Nassar, Becky Morrison, EMU

Do Pray-Harrold 313
James Schirmer, UM-Flint “On comparative evidence that teaching writing in a digital environment works”
Adam Pope, Purdue “Open Sourcing Course Sites: Using Drupal to Take Control of the Course Site”
Nathan Kelber, U of Maryland “Building a Better LMS”

Make Pray-Harrold 314
Andrea Zellner, MSU “Hackjam: learn how to make the internet”

Session B 10:30-11:40
Talk Pray-Harrold 301
Laural Adams, BGSU“Up Close & Personal: Teacher Identity Formation in Digital Spaces”
Erik Drake, Independent “Information Seeking and Writing in Digital Environments”
Becky Morrison, EMU “A Digital Genre Theory for the Teaching of Writing”

Talk Pray-Harrold 302
W. Douglas Baker EMU  “Which Digital Literacies and How do We Know?”
Karen Chichester, Jefferson HS
Nick Kalakailo, Novi Community School District

Kristine Blair “Digital Writing, Emerging Literacies, and Community Outreach”
Kerri Hauman, Stacy Kastner, Katie Fredlund, Alison Witte, Em Hurford, BGSU

Do Pray-Harrold 313
Emily Rodgers, U of M “Open Learning: Make Your Content Open and Adaptable”
Christie Daniels, MSU “Hacking the Classroom: Using DRUPAL as a course CMS”

Do Pray-Harrold 314
Amy Metcalf , Wayne State “Networked classroom speed-conferencing”

Plenary Session 11:50 - 12:50
Pray-Harrold 204

“Because Digital Writing Matters?”
Danielle Devoss, MSU
Troy Hicks, CMU
Elyse Eidman, National Writing Project

Lunch 12:50 - 1:50

Session C 1:50 - 3:00
Talk Pray-Harrold 301
Tammy Conard-Salvo, Purdue “International Articulations of Success”
Michael Salvo, Purdue “International Articulations of Success”
Christine Tracy, EMU “Creating A Feedback Loop For News Stories ”
Steven Engel, U of M “Show your work: Using iEtherpad to explore process”

Do Pray-Harrold 313
Bump Halbritter, MSU “Digital-Video Interview Methods Workshop”
Erin Klein, EMWP “Flip Your Classroom Into A Workshop”

Make Pray-Harrold 314
Phill Alexander, MSU “You Should Be Out There: Turning Your Portfolio into a Crisp, Clean Website in a half hour with WordPress”

Make Pray-Harrold 304
Andrea Zellner, MSU “HackJam Take II!”

+Your Chance to Do, Talk or Make!

Session D 3:10 - 4:20
Talk Pray-Harrold 301
Steve Krause, EMU "Deconstructing a Large Flightless Bird:  Thoughts on the WIDE-EMU and Unconferencing"

Do Pray-Harrold 314
Bill Hart-Davidson, MSU  “Micro Peer Review - A Strategy for Teaching Rhetorical Moves”

Do Pray-Harrold 313
Silver, Naomi, U of M “Envisioning a new digital writing/rhetoric community web space”

+Your Chance to Do, Talk or Make!

Debrief and #beerrhetorics 4:30-8:30

Join us after the conference to enjoy a favorite beverage and/or food item at Ypsilanti's Corner Brewery.