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Bundaberg - Kinkuna National Park Loop

Last Updated: 06 Nov, 2009
Distance: 110 km
Conditions: Extreme, soft sandy sections require bike to be walked. No facilities - you must take all your own water. Some highway sections.
Riding Time: 7 - 9 hours
Bikely Route: Bundaberg - Kinkuna National Park Loop


This is a very tough ride at any time. The soft sand in sections of the park drain energy quickly. You will need lots of water. 5 litres would not be excessive. If you have the time you can walk over to the beach and go for a swim, but do watch the time - don't underestimate how slow going it can be in soft sand sections.


Dr Mays Crossing

Quick stop for a snack and drink.

Road to somewhere

Rough gravel road into the park stops 4x4's churning up the sandy track.

New bike!

Nice picture of my new bike.

Out of the Sun

Some pleasant bush sections, though the park was very dry at this time.


Lots of palms in some sections of the park (Palm Beach).

Soft Sand

Parts of the track have sand that is just too soft to ride on - the bike is free standing.