Bicycle Tours in the Wide Bay - Burnett Region

Bicycle Tours


Throughout this site I provide details on a number of Bicycle Tours, long and short, in the Wide Bay - Burnett Region of Queensland, Australia.

The Region

The Wide Bay - Burnett region encompasses the areas of Bundaberg, Fraser Coast, Gympie, North Burnett and South Burnett.

Starting Point

Most Tours will start from Bundaberg where I'm based.  The region offers some great locations for Bicycle Touring, with many back roads offering great scenery and points of interest.  Where possible the main Highway is avoided, though some sections of the main Highway are quite safe for riding with wide verges.


There are a number of camping areas throughout the region.  Where possible I prefer to camp in free or low cost camping areas.

Routes and Journals

For most Tours I use the Bikely website to plot the Tour and include a Cue Sheet of the major points of interest. In some longer tours I will include a Journal on the crazyguyonabike website. I provide a link to these in the tour details section where they exist.

Get out there!

I hope you find the details here useful and inspire you to jump on a bike and go for a ride

Overtime I hope to promote Bicycle Touring in the region.  I've really only just begun Touring myself and am loving it!