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Rare Photos 4 – Group Saṅgha pictures

A photo taken in 1875 immediately after the ordination of the young monk who would later go on to become Thailand's (at that time: Siam's) greatest king, King Chulalongkorn (Rama V). He is seated first on the left. His preceptor, Somdet Phra Wanrut (Tup Buddhasiri) is fourth from the right.

Luang Pu Sao Kantasīlo (c) and many of his disciples, including Luang Pu Mahā Pin Paññābalo (3rd row, 5th from right), Luang Pu Singh Khantayāgamo (3rd row, 6th from right), Luang Pu Dee Channo(3rd row, 7th from right) and Luang Pu Tongrat Kantasīlo (left from Luang Pu Sao). There is only one other surviving photo of Luang Pu Tongrat.

A photo taken during Luang Pu Mun Bhūridatto's funeral in 1950. There are many high-ranking monks here, including Chao Khun Dhammachedi, and many close disciples, including Luang Pu Khao, Luang Pu Singh, Luang Pu Thate, Luang Pu Fun, Lung Pu Gwaa, Luang Dta Mahā Boowa, Luang Pu Mahā Tongsuk, Luang Pu Dune, Luang Pu Saam, Luang Pu Gongma, Luang Pu Gu, Luang Pu Ornsaa...

An iconic photo taken during Luang Pu Mun's funeral. Back row (left to right) Luang Pu Fun Ācaro, Luang Pu Khao Anālayo, Chao Khun Dhammachedi, Luang Pu Orn Ñāṇasiri, Luang Dta Mahā Boowa Ñāṇasampanno. Middle row: Luang Pu Jan Khemappatto, Luang Pu Gongma Cirapuñño. Front row: Luang Pu Boowa Siripuṇṇo, Luang Pu Ornsaa Sukhakāro.

Luang Pu Singh (front, center-right) and Tan Por Lee Dhammadharo (front, first on chair at right) with a group of monks at an offering ceremony at the Somdet Phra Pin Glao Hospital in Thonburi, Bangkok in 1961. Luang Pu Singh and Tan Por Lee both died later that year.

Left to right: Luang Pu Suwat Suvaco, Luang Pu Singtong Dhammavaro, Luang Pu Gwaa Sumano, Luang Dta Mahā Boowa, Luang Pu Thate Desaraṁsi, Luang Pu Orn, Luang Pu Jan, Luang Pu Gongma, Luang Pu Ornsee Sumedho and Luang Pu Rian Varalābho.

Front row (l-r): Chao Khun Thepsiddhajahn, Chao Khun Dhammachedi, Chao Khun Ariyagunadhaan. Middle row: Luang Pu Khao, Luang Pu Fun, Luang Pu Gwaa, Luang Pu Mahā Tongsuk Sucitto, Luang Pu Gongma. Back row: Luang Pu Wiriyang Sirindharo, Luang Pu Boowa, Luang Dta Mahā Boowa.

Left to right: Luang Pu Tongbua Tantikaro, Luang Pu Jan Kusalo, Luang Pu Dteu Acaladhammo, Luang Pu Sim Buddhācāro, Luang Pu Plutket Vaṇṇako. Luang Pu Plutket had the distinction of being the one and only monk to ordain with Luang Pu Mun as his preceptor. This photo was taken at Wat Pa Darabhirom, a monastery in Chiang Mai began by Luang Pu Dteu.

Left to right: (name uncertain), Luang Dta Mahā Boowa, Luang Pu Khao, Luang Por Inthawai Santussako, Luang Por Preeda (Tui) Chandakaro. This photo was taken in the cave-Sālā at Wat Tum Glong Pane, Luang Pu Khao's monastery.

Left to right: Luang Pu Sumrong Guṇavuḍḍho, Luang Pu Mahā Tongsuk, Luang Pu Fun and Luang Pu Gongma with supporters.

Left to right: Mae Chee Gaew Sianglum, Mae Chee Nom, Mae Chee Peng Lohitdee, Mae Chee (name uncertain). This photo was most likely taken at Wat Pa Baan Taad in the 1950's.

Mae Chee Gaew (c), the nun's community and supporters at Huay Sai Nun's Monastery.

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