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The Triple Gem is something, like love or friendship, that cannot exist in a commercial relationship. The moment it becomes subordinated to commercial interests it becomes a counterfeit of itself. I assert my authorship here for the purpose of upholding a copyright with regard to the commercial use of anything on this website. © Hāsapañño Bhikkhu 2013

If you have any interesting material, like old photos, rare books or anything you have translated from monks or nuns of the Thai Wilderness Tradition, feel free to contact me at moc.liamg@liame.snel.elgna.ediw for possible inclusion on this site.

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Hāsapañño Bhikkhu (Craig McGrath) was ordained as a bhikkhu on November 30, 1999 at Bodhinyanarama Buddhist Monastery in Wellington, New Zealand. Since 2005, he has mostly lived in Thailand in the monasteries of the wilderness tradition. He currently resides at Vimokkharam Forest Hermitage, Melbourne, Australia.