Friday 5th May 2017

All the boys meet up at Pooley Bridge, after an early start from Widdington.
A quick beer at the Bridge Inn then its the 
Steamer ferry to Howtown for our afternoon walk.

Ship Ahoy

                Big smiles all around 


Our intrepid mountaineering guide Mark the Sherpa shows the way 

We parked up in the car park opposite the Patterdale Hotel 

Looking back at Ullswater

Leaving St Sunday Crag for Deepdale Hause and 
up to Cofa pike and Fairfield

Looking down to Grisedale Tarn 

I think i dropped something

Well i can't see it

Lunch time just after Fairfield Peak.
Looking over Fairfield Horseshoe.

 Fed, watered and eager to get going again we make our way down
Hartsop Above How

Whie Lion Inn, 
Patterdale, Penrith 

All down safe and gagging for a beer 

The Royal Hotel, Dockray, Cumbria 

Back at the Hotel Garden 

No photos of my socks please...

                    Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em

At last here comes the Bar Steward Mike.

Sunday morning and a deserted pub garden....
 we are on our way home
Great weekend......Thanks Boys...

Photos from the Boys 

    There's always one........well two actually