The Widdington Stanley Family  

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Bill and Ivy Stanley




 Ivy May Wright                                                                                                                    William Edward Stanley








1937 Wedding day


The happy couple standing outside of Newlands Farm House

 email from Carol

 Hi Gary

First a little background knowledge of my family.
My Grandfather was Bill Stanley – Full name William Edward, born 30 March 1908.  You have several photos of him already on your site, one having lunch in a harvest field, another driving a tractor and several of him in the brass band.
Bill married Ivy May Wright, born 05 Sept 1906 in August 1937….   They had one daughter, my mother Pamela….
I have attached photos of Bill, Ivy and one on their wedding day taken outside Newlands Farm where Ivy’s father Alfred Frederick Wright managed the farm and they lived until 1946/7 when they moved to a cottage on the High Street opposite Hoy’s garage until the 1990’s when they both died.
Bill was a baker in his early years but most of his working life was spent as an agricultural labourer in the village…   I remember visiting as a child and being allowed to walk across the car park on my own to meet him from the fields at lunchtime….
Bill’s parents were Frank Stanley and Annie Law…..   Bill was their only child.  I have attached photo…
Frank’s father William Stanley was named on the plaque on the church tower as he helped install the church clock.
Ivy’s parents were Alfred Frederick Wright and Kate Coston, although she was bought up by her grandmother Katherine Louisa Miller as her mother died a few days after giving birth to her sister Edith.
I am also sending some general pictures of the village that I have on file but hope to add more once I have browsed through my mums collection of pictures….
Keep up the good work

Bill working on the farm



1930 widdington Brass Band


Farm Workers Newlands Farm 1946



Widdington Stansted chapppel Rounders team 1958


Bill's Father Frank Stanley                       Ivy's Father Alfred F Wright 









                                                                              Alfred F  Wright

Bill's Parents  

Frank Stanley and Annie Law



                                                                 Ivy's Mother Kate Coston


William Edward Stanley



                                                                            Ivy's Grandmother

                                                                      Katherine Louisa Miller

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