School Teacher Miss Dorothy Jennings


I would like to thank Dee White, for sending these wonderful old postcards of Widdington


Dee, writes, on going through a load of old photos of my Aunt Dot, I came across some pictures of Widdington. She lived at Wyses Farm, in the 1920s and I’m pretty sure Aunt Dot taught either in Widdington or Newport Village School, the photos are dated 1923/1924.  And the postmarks on the postcards are 1926


She trained at Goldsmiths College in London and was "at school" until she retired.  She was a great traveller including a visit to Fez and Tangiers in 1937 with a girlfriend - quite brave for two single ladies.

Widdington Village Green



The old Post Office 




Schoolteacher Miss Dorothy Jennings, lived at Wyses Farm,  in the  1920s


Looking down the High Street 





Th Avenue, Widdington

Looking down from Priors Hall Barn.

The old Elm trees after they were cut




Thank you so much Dee,

If I receive any further photographs or information concerning  your Aunt Dot, I will let you know




Can you help


Do you know if Miss Dorothy Jennings,

actually taught at Widdington School.

 if so please get in touch