Widdington Folk 6


Mr. Les Webber 

Mr. Peter Lindsell, Signal telegraph department 

The Fenman, 

 The Fenman service took passengers from Hunstanton on the Norfolk coast to Liverpool Street station, passing through Cambridge and King's Lynn on the way. It was a slow journey, taking over 3 hours to travel the 112 miles, an average of around 35 miles per hour.  

Looked on the web and found that the Fenman was the name of a train service which ran each morning and evening between London and Kings Lynn. I don't think an actual locomotive was given the name but a board would have been hoisted on to the front of whichever engine was pulling the train. (A bit like the Golden Arrow boat trains, I guess).

The Fenman,
Non stop from Cambridge to Liverpool street

Harlaxton Manor
B17 Class
 Passing under Widdington Bridge Essex

Class K3 61967

Passing under Widdington Bridge Essex