The Wright Family of Widdington

I believe there may have been at least
two Wright families living in Widdington back in the 1800

We are looking for any information along with  photographs on the Wright Family. 

If you  would like to help please email me 

Wright's Cottage

Shepherd Wright lived here for many years, and was succeeded as the occupier by his grandson, James Wright the shoe maker who died in 1906 aged 93

James Wright Head. Mar. 57 Boot and shoemaker Born Widdington
Mary Ann Wright wife            67 Debden
Frederick Wright g/son         10 Widdington

Alfred F  Wright

Alfred F  Wright

Ivy  Wright

Dear Gary and Lisa,
Thank you so much for the information and for keeping me in touch. I have been in touch with Denise and she said she was going to send the photograph to you of Elizabeth Wright. I have included it in my photographs as it shows the mother and daughters as a family.
I have sent pictures of :
Elizabeth Wright   [1145-42]    [Simons/Tassell/Tappenden] born Widdington Essex about 1823    [I have varying dates] Died July 17th   1919 aged 96 from senile decay and heart failure in  Chatham workhouse Infirmary. 
She was the daughter of James and Hannah Wright.
Elizabeth married Charles Tassell  in 1844.  He was her second husband and had several children. 
One of which was my great grandmother Emily Caroline  She lived with her son, Albert, and wife, Mary Ann,  and my mother in Chatham, Kent.
Emily Caroline was born 1864 in Chatham and died 1943.
Emily had a sister Sarah Mahala who is the grt grandmother of Denise.
My mother told me that her grandmother Emily Caroline and her sister Sarah would take my mother Hop picking in the hop fields of Kent when my mother was small.
Harriet Tassell was another sister.
Many of these children went to New Zealand and a son called Charles went to Australia.
I hope these pictures are of interest. The longevity of the Wrights is interesting and they do carry a family resemblance. My mother in her old age looked very much like her grandmother  Emily Caroline.
Best wishes and thanks for a great site,

Emily Caroline was born 1864 in Chatham and died 1943.

Emily Caroline and sister Sarah Mahala

Harriet Elizabeth Hannah Tassell

Born 25th January 1851 Hereford
Harriet Elizabeth Hannah Tassell was one of seven children and eldest daughter to Charles and Elizaberth Wright, ex Symons

Photo of Harriet Elizabeth Hannah Tassell,  daughter of 
Elizabeth Wright, who was married Charles Richard Baines. 
This is taken at a family reunion  when they are in their 80s.
My Dad  Walter Baines aged about 4 is sitting on the ground, 
the middle child in the group of children, numbered 37 in the photo. His father Leonard George is numbered 10 and mother Hilda 8 in the photo.

Charles Baines was also born in Widdington and grew up there. He was the youngest son of William Baines and Sussanah. As a young boy, his dad died  leaving Sussanah to raise the family.
If you have any info about the Baines family would love to learn more of them. Where they lived, worked etc.  Most of my info is from census records.
Any help here would be much appreciated, any relatives, other family of Charles siblings.


Judith Manning

Identification key for photo
Harriet And Charles Baines family reunion about 1919-1920

Elizabeth Wright 

Shepherd, Wright

Shepherd Wright, James aged 74
part of Jubilee photo June 21st 1887

1914 - 1919

Hello Gary,  Thanks for putting the Wright family on the Widdington site.  I have pasted below, an outline of the Wright family that is related to me.  My grandfather Harold is in red, my mother Monica in red and then me.    I am also attaching some photos.  My mother Monica Wright Cooper was dearly loved in our family, particularly by her grandchildren, my children.  She was called BaBa.  I don't know if any of these are things you want to use since only one, I think, was actually taken in Widdington.  

I've been thinking about the two Wright families.  My mother recognized the thatched cottage you have on your web page as belonging to her grandparents, Frederick Wright and Isobel Dellow Wright.  The photo of her was taken, I think there.  These grandparents had 11 children, including my grandfather Harold.  If I go back one generation, it is Frederick Wright and Eliza Wright.  Frederick is the child in your photograph of the cottage.  He and Eliza had 9 children, including Frederick, my mother's grandfather.  That steps me back to James and Mary Wright who had 6 children.  

 I looked in my records and I cannot find an Alfred and Ivy Wright at all.  Can you tell me who they are?

Could you put me in touch with the person working on the Wright family history in Widdington?  Maybe we can figure out what lines go where.  

Again,  many thanks for your work on the Widdington site.  I really hope to have the opportunity to come across the "pond" as they say at some point and visit.

Regards,  Cheryl

BaBa & Parents 1945:  This is Mabel and Harold Wright and my mother Monica Wright. 
Outside the The Four Mile House, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Harold&MabelPub4Mile:  This is Mabel & Harold Wright, Publicans at their Pub Four Mile House taken about 1944-45.

Harold Wright Grave 1946.

Harold Wright funeral notice.

Monica Cooper & Cheryl :  Monica Wright Cooper and Cheryl about 1952.

Monica Wright 1941

Monica Wright Age 8 

Granddad&Mollie1928:  I believe this is my mother Monica (Mollie) as a child with her grandfather Frederick Wright 

Hi Gary,
I enjoyed your pages, photos and history of Widdington. 
My great grandfather Charles Baines  grew up in Widdington  
and was later to Marry Harriet Elizabeth  Hannah Tassell, 
( who's photo and that of her mother  Elizabeth  Wright,  appear on 
the Wright family's web page !! Much to my delight to find them there. ) 
They then emigrated to New Zealand.
Later, Harriet's brother Thomas emigrated to New Zealand with his 2nd wife Sarah 
and their 3 children, along with my grandmother Hilda, her cousin.         
Grandma's aunt, Sarah's mother was the publican of the pub, The Army and Navy, 
in East Rainham ,Kent.
Grandma was later to marry a son of Harriet Elizabeth Hannah Tassell 
and Charles Baines. 
There are several Wright descendants here in n.z., Baines, Tassell, 
and Melrose families.
Regards  Judith Baines