Widdington Folk 7

Mr Hoy, attending his petrol pump.
 looks like 4/6p  a gallon those were the days  

NO, is a Vehicle Reg Plate for Chelmsford 

Anyone know what the bike is ??

 Jummy out shooting

not sure of the date of these pictures 

Ice skating on lake at Amberden Hall

New Years,,,we think 1999

 Back Row: Jill Brookman, Sylvia Knights, Norman & Doreen Robson, Diana Hill Brian Knights, Pauline Oldrieve, Joy Revell, Ron Tredgett, Robin Dennison, Peter Savage & Lindsey Camp 
Middle Row: Muriel Dennison, Brenda Savage, June Robertson, Flo Rider, Robbie Robertson & Millie Dennison
Front Row: Tony Gomes, John Wallis, Anne Ramsdale & Joy Gomes.