Widdington Folk 7

Mr Hoy, attending his petrol pump.
 looks like 4/6p  a gallon those were the days  

NO, is a Vehicle Reg Plate for Chelmsford 

Anyone know what the bike is ??

It looks like a BSA Flat Tanker 350SV from 1923 

 Jummy out shooting

not sure of the date of these pictures 

Ice skating on lake at Amberden Hall

New Years,,,we think 1999

 Back Row: Jill Brookman, Sylvia Knights, Norman & Doreen Robson, Diana Hill Brian Knights, Pauline Oldrieve, Joy Revell, Ron Tredgett, Robin Dennison, Peter Savage & Lindsey Camp 
Middle Row: Muriel Dennison, Brenda Savage, June Robertson, Flo Rider, Robbie Robertson & Millie Dennison
Front Row: Tony Gomes, John Wallis, Anne Ramsdale & Joy Gomes.