Old Village Photographs

If you would like to learn the History of Widdington,
 then please read Sir Claud Hollis Family Records 1 and 2.


Please take a look at the Widdington Folk Pages for more wonderful photos   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Village Green 1912

Village Green 2007 

Pond Mead about 1912


Congregational Chapel 
Erected in 1858 and demolished around 1990

I would like some pictures of the interior of the chapel can anyone help  

We think this could be one of the last pictures taken of the
old Congregational Chapel 
Thanks to  Mr. Geoff Mower, for this photo


The Rectory Widdington

We don't know who the artist is or the date of this beautiful painting,. 
I would guess around the 1850s



Hogs Trough Bridge Widdington.

There are some very strange triangular stones that have been used to build the front steps of some 
of the old Victorian houses in the High Street.
I would like to find out where these stones came from. Was it from the old bridge that was demolished 
over a 150 years ago. I know it’s been recorded that some large stones were robbed out from the 
old demolished  Hogs Trough bridge and built into the front flint wall of Brick cottage in the High street 
and wondered if these strange triangular stones were also part of that old bridge....anyone know…

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Digital historic collection, please get in touch. 
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