Wills of Widdington

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Wills and documents from

The Old Widdington Archives 



William Wright of Widdington, weaver

Repository: Essex Record Office
Level: Category Archdeaconry records
Level: Sub-Fonds WILLS
Level: Item William Wright of Widdington, weaver

Reference Code D/ABW 61/98
Dates of Creation 19 March 1661
Title [William Wright of Widdington, weaver]
Scope and Content William Wright of Widdington, weaver
Date From 1661
Date To 1661


 Richard  Woodloy 1665


 John Meade 1668




 1672 last Will and testament of James Pony

He was laid to rest in Widdington Church yard on the 25th March 1673 




To the Church- Wardens and Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Widdington in the county of Essex


Jame and Hannah Wright 1812










Will and testament of John Baton 1710





Will and Testament of Richard Pamphilon








Dates of Creation 7 January 1641/2
Scope and Content Conveyance (Feoffment) for £25

Tho. Phillips (s. of Roger P. Quendon, clerk, decd.) to Benjamin Scott of Widdington, yeo.

Freehold parcel of meadow in Widdington in `le partie meadowe' near staple Field, between the meadow formerly of RICHARD Luckin and then of William Luckin on the S. and customary land late of the said Roger P. and then of the said Benjamin S. on the N., abutting E. on the highway from Staple Green to Widdington and W. on meadow belonging to the manor or messuage called Newman Hall.

Recites that said Roger bequeathed it by Will, 7 June 1632, to said Thomas and had it of the feoffment of Edward PAMPHILON late of Widdington, yeo., decd., 1 November 1610.
Date From 1641
Date To 1641




Thomas Smith




Will and Testament of William MorewilI 1681




Settlement Certificate 1719

John Smith and family, Widdington.




In 1839 a survey of education was organised in Essex.


The 1839 returns are held at Essex Record Office, but some of the parishes seem to be missing. The following information relates to schools history in the Uttlesford district.


Research by Jacqueline Cooper


(many pages torn out of Essex Record Office copy)

16 parish returns from Uttlesford and Clavering hundreds, as below.

Those missing: Great and Little Chishall, Berden, Wimbish, Arkesden, Wicken Bonhunt, Debden, Stansted, Strethall, Langley, Henham, Takeley, Elsenham, Chrishall.



    Q. 01. What is the population of the parish?
A. 01. 383 in 1831


Q. 02. What schools exist for the poor in connection with the Established Church?
A. 02. 1 day school for girls only, 1 Sunday school for boys only, no infants but would like one


Q. 03. Are they all in the National Society?
A. 03. None


Q. 04. Do you have any objection to union with the Diocesan Board of Education?
A. 04. None


Q. 05. How many children can be accommodated?
A. 05. No rooms - boys area is 20-30, girls same (hired)


Q. 06. How many children are there actually on the books?
A. 06. 12 girls educated by Rector and 6-7 by others, boys 16


Q. 07. What is the average attendance?
A. 07. 15 at day school, 12 at Sunday school


Q. 08. How many go to Sunday school only?
A. 08. 16 boys, 16 girls


Q. 09. What is the greatest distance travelled?
A. 09. All from parish


Q. 10. Have there been any additions to the buildings or increases in the number of pupils in the last 5 years?
A. 10. Number educated the same, but subscriptions diminished


Q. 11. Ditto re last two 2 years?
A. 11. ditto


Q. 12. Are there any new schools being built in connection with the Established Church?
A. 12. None


Q. 13. Who runs the schools for the poor?
A. 13. Teachers superintended by Rector


Q. 14. How long have they been established?
A. 14. By late Rector


Q. 15. Have they had any funds, grants, etc.?
A. 15. Voluntary subscriptions but very inadequate


Q. 16. How are they now supported?
A. 16. (blank)


Q. 17. Is there any problem in supporting them?
A. 17. The greatest from the parish being solely agricultural very poor and having no resident gentry


Q. 18. Are there different forms of funding for the different schools or is there a common fund?
A. 18. Very small subscriptions- one common fund - not enough


Q. 19. What is the amount of annual receipts?
A. 19. Only £4 - many discontinued


Q. 20. What is the annual income from subscriptions?
A. 20. £4


Q. 21. What amount comes in from Charity Sermons?
A. 21. Nothing


Q. 22. What is the amount from funded property?
A. 22. Nothing


Q. 23. Are there any other sources of funds?
A. 23. There is not a sixpence from any endowment or any other source whatever and all deficiency is supplied by the Rector


Q. 24. What do the scholars pay?
A. 24. 12 girls educated by Rector pay nothing - other girls pay some trifling sums weekly


Q. 25. What is the total annual expenditure?
A. 25. Varies as girls require clothing or not


Q. 26. How many children are clothed & boarded?
A. 26. 12 girls clothed by Rector


Q. 27. Are there any other schools not in connection with the Established Church?
A. 27. One independent and others


Q. 28. How many are without education?
A. 28. A great number uneducated for where no rewards are given the poor not considering education as a reward are unwilling that their children should be kept in school and prevented thereby earning a trifle by keeping shop etc.


Q. 29. How many are in Dames schools, middle classes schools etc.?
A. 29. (blank)


Q. 30. Are there any obstacles to more education?
A. 30. Chief obstacle is extreme poverty of the parish


Q. 31. Is there any supplementary education e.g. libraries, evening schools, etc.?
A. 31. None except occasional lending of books


Q. 32. Is there any link with the scholars after they leave school?
A. 32. None - excepting former scholars if anxious are ncouraged to advance in knowledge.


ANSWERS to questions above from parishes:


Widdington: Day school (Mrs. Ann Reynolds)






Not to sure if this is

 Widdington's long lost pub or not


Black Horse Pub, Widdington


The following entries are in this format:


Year/Publican or other Resident/Relationship to Head and or Occupation/Age/Where Born/Source.


My GGGG grandfather may have been a landlord at the Black Horse  in Widdington. He was Jonas Bailey, born about 1777. In 1841 he was a market gardener in Widdington but by 1851 was also a beershop keeper.This trade continued in 1861 but he was then living in the Black Horse. By 1871, at the age of 84, he was a boarder in the pub and the landlord was William Manton, from Lincolnshire, and his wife Mary. Jonas died in 1873 and Mary Manton witnessed his death. Hope this is helpful. *

1851/Jonas Bailey/Gardener & Beershop Keeper, Widow/66/Widdington, Essex/Census ****

1851/Thomas Bailey/Son, Gardeners Labourer/40/Widdington, Essex/Census
1851/Charles Bailey/Son, Gardeners Labourer/20/Widdington, Essex/Census
1851/Robert Bailey/Son, Gardeners Labourer/17/Widdington, Essex/Census
1851/Joseph Fletcher/Railroad Labourer, Lodger/27/Ingatestone, Essex/Census

Jonas Bailey/Gardener & Beer Seller/75/Widdington, Essex/Census ****
1861/Thomas Bailey/Gardeners Son/57/Newport, Essex/Census

William Manton/Market Gardener & Retailer of Beere/57/Fleet, Lincolnshire/Census ****
1871/Mary Manton/46/Wife/York/Census
1871/Jonas Bailey/Boarder, Widow, Formerly a Gardener/84/Widdington, Essex/Census

George W Turner/Beer Seller/33/Wicken, Essex/Census ****
1881/Lizzie H Turner/Wife/32/Newport, Essex/Census
1881/Minnie A L Turner/Daughter/10/Saffron Walden, Essex/Census
1881/Thomas Turner/Son/7/Saffron Walden, Essex/Census
1881/Ernest A Turner/Son/2/Newport, Essex/Census

1886/Watson Turner/../../../Kelly's

1890/William Wright/../../../Kelly's




William the Conquerer, Widdington


Known Residents


The following entries are in this format:


Year/Publican or other Resident/Relationship to Head and or Occupation/Age/Where Born/Source.

1845/William Reed/Beer Retailer/../../Post Office

1848/William Reed/Parish Clerk & Beerhouse Keeper/../../White's

1851/William Reed/Beer Retailer/../../Post Office

1851/William Reed/beershop keeper/58/Widdington, Essex/Census **
1851/Mary Reed/wife/56/Widdington, Essex/Census
1851/Jane Gapes/visitor/06/Stepney, Middlesex/Census

1861/William Reed/Beerseller/?/Widdington, Essex/Census*
1861/Mary Reed/Wife/65/Widdington, Essex/Census*

1862/William Reed/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1867/William Reed/Beer Retailer/../../Post Office

Note: Prior to 1870, premises only named in 1861

1870/Joseph Thurgood/Carpenter/../../Kelly's

1871/Joseph Thurgood/Carpenter/../../Post Office

1874/Joseph Thurgood/Carpenter/../../Kelly's

1878/Joseph Thurgood/Carpenter/../../Kelly's

1881/Joseph Thurgood/Publican & Carpenter/53/Widdington, Essex/Census
1881/Emma Thurgood/Wife/58/Debden, Essex/Census
1881/Joseph Thurgood/Son, Drapers Shopman/19/Widdington, Essex/Census
1881/Edith Thurgood/Daughter/15/Widdington, Essex/Census
1881/Jack Oakman/Boarder, General Labourer/43/Chesterton, Cambridge/Census

1882/Joseph Thurgood/Carpenter/../../Kelly's

1886/Joseph Thurgood/Carpenter & Parish Clerk/../../Kelly's

1890/Henry Bell/../../../Kelly's

1894/Amos Smith/../../../Kelly's

1895/Amos Smith/../../../Kelly's

1898/Amos Smith/../../../Kelly's

1899/Amos Smith/../../../Kelly's

1902/Amos Smith/../../../Kelly's

1906/Amos Smith/../../../Kelly's

1908/Amos Smith/../../../Kelly's

1910/Amos Smith/../../../Kelly's

1912/Amos Smith/../../../Kelly's

1914/Amos Smith/../../../Kelly's

1917/Amos Smith/../../../Kelly's

1922/Amos Smith/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1925/Amos Smith/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1929/Amos Smith/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1933/Charles Henry Newman/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

Note: Premises not named between 1922 & 1933

1937/Godfrey Schooling/../../../Kelly's



Fleur de Lys, Widdington


Known Residents


The following entries are in this format:


Year/Publican or other Resident/Relationship to Head and or Occupation/Age/Where Born/Source.


1845/George Knight/../../../Post Office

1848/George Knight/Victualler/../../White's

1851/George Knight/../../../Post Office

1851/George Knight/innkeeper/61/Widdington, Essex/Census ***
1851/Mary Ann Knight/wife/46/Widdington, Essex/Census
1851/Ann Brand/house servant/14/Henham, Essex/Census

1852/G. Knight/../../../Kelly's*

1861/George Knight/Publican/72/Widdinton, Essex/Census**
1861/Mary Ann Knight/Wife/66/Waltham Abbey, Essex/Census**
1861/Joseph Osborn(?)/Father in law, Carpenter/88/Newport, Essex/Census**
1861/Lydia Wright/Servant, House/16/Old Lampford, Essex/Census**

1862/George Knight/../../../Kelly's

1867/George Knight/../../../Post Office

1870/James Cox/../../../Kelly's

1871/James Cox/../../../Post Office

1874/James Cox/../../../Kelly's

1878/James Cox/../../../Kelly's

1881/James Cox/Farmer & Licensed Victualler/61/Hanningfield, Essex/Census
1881/Esther White/Domestic Servant/21/Henham, Essex/Census

1882/James Cox/../../../Kelly's

1886/James Cox/../../../Kelly's

1890/James Cox/../../../Kelly's

1894/Frederick Hopwood/../../../Kelly's

1895/Frederick Hopwood/../../../Kelly's

1898/Frederick Hopwood/../../../Kelly's

1899/Frederick Hopwood/../../../Kelly's

1902/Frederick Hopwood/../../../Kelly's

1906/Joseph E. Rule/../../../Kelly's

1908/Joseph E. Rule/../../../Kelly's

1910/Joseph E. Rule/../../../Kelly's

1912/Joseph E. Rule/../../../Kelly's

1914/Joseph E. Rule/../../../Kelly's

1917/John W. Wright/../../../Kelly's

1922/Mrs. Nellie Grace Wright/../../../Kelly's

1925/Mrs. Nellie Grace Wright/../../../Kelly's

1929/Mrs. Nellie Grace Wright/../../../Kelly's

1933/Mrs. Nellie Grace Wright/../../../Kelly's

1937/Bertram J. Chesham/../../../Kelly's

* Provided by the Pubs, Inns and Taverns Index for England, 1801-1900