The Widdington Bucket



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Please help.
Not sure what you would call this type of bucket or

 what age it is

If you know,  pleases get in touch 

It was covered in some sort or white powdery substance when I pulled it from the skip.

My guess it was limewashed

to make it watertight.



For now it will be Known




The bucket came off a skip  a polite word with the home owner and I was on my way home with a bundle of wood ,,,thinking to myself  if I can’t repair it, it can always go on the fire.


I started to sort the staves out one by one

 I insert the staves around the hoop


Lucky for me I had marked the inside of the bucket with a wavy pencil line just before I pull the bucket from the skip



Well it look like it’s all here 


 Nearly all the staves are of different widths.Without the pencil make it would have been a nightmare to reassemble.

Maybe it would have ended up as firewood. 


I line all the staves up in their correct position. 

You can just make out the wiggery pencil line on the right




I use a cabinet scraper to clean up the outside edge

I also number them as I clean the Staves 



For the inside I had to use a Concave scraper.


The groove in the bottom of the staves is called a croze.

The croze is cut into the Staves so the bottom or lid could  fit securely into the wooden staves.


Here you can see that this stave has an ear

this will form one of the two handles


The Staves all cleaned.
I have also painted the two hoops


Time to reassemble; I started to insert the Staves around the hoop

The top hoop I hold up with a couple of blocks


I could do with another pair of hands, Oh well keep going....



 aaaaaahhhhhhhh It's all fell apart again

Well that didn’t work.


This time I hold the hoops from the top; this gave me a lot more control as I slip the Staves in.


Keep going

As I go around position the staves

I control the tension by sliding the hoops in or out

this made it so easy to reassemble the bucket.

A couple of taps and we are almost done.

 Looking good 



You can just make out the three planks of wood that make up the bottom. 




A little wax to bring out the colour and we are done.


To think this could have been lost forever 


Well , what else would you put in a bucket!!!