Snowdonia 2008

 The Widdington Walkers 

Yes,,,,Up another mountain 


I've lost me skis



Our creative film producer and cameraman Trevor


Simon, leading the way










 Dare Devil Mick Barnett


Mick, shows his famous five grip hold traverse, across the rock face!!!



"Ramblers'" I thought you said we should dress like Rambo's





Man of Steel Mike


Phil, shows off his new Spring Collection,, Wow nice fleece mate!!


 Gaelic dancing by Nigel






 No comment 



It's a long way up lads







Life on the edge



The boys waiting for the pub to open 


At the top of Snowdonia  

















Mick tells a joke



The punch line



Nice Shirt mate,,,,,Thanks mate,







I can see the Bus Stop from here 


Gentlemen, if you would like to contribute to this gallery please forward me your photos

Many Thanks Gary


Or if the ladies or children would like to comment then a box of chocolates if they Win........... 

Unless Trevor bribes me to take his Picture down


'Mum' says me brain will freeze,,, you "stupid boy" Pike



Mother said

“when there is mist in the air, always cover up your hair”


“Sue will kill me if I give her a cold”

  And finally………………..

 “ Its going to be all the fashion in the City next year………….. ties are on their  way out you know.”

“Well I first of all started dressing like this at the age of 21…………

Now I just do it for fun when Im in male company”

And finally………………..

“You may laugh, but this attire got me the modeling contract with Berghaus”


“A cunning disguise Baldrick” 


Martin Dale





Works well with your best Irish accent, I find. 


 Trevor Ford



 Guess who's got new boots then!!!