The lower Widdington BBQ Club's trips  


    Meersburg Germany 2008


    The lower Widdington BBQ Club's trip to Germany  

    Our Hotel in Meersburg

    Hotel „ 3 Stuben“

    Kirchstrasse 7

    D 88709 Meersburg Germany 



    Our Hotel Room 


    By the Lake

    Looking around Meersburg,

     Saturday morning










    Meersburg is on Lake Constance  "Bodensee" 









    Saturday afternoon

    Shopping in

    St Gallen, Switzerland















    Hat shopping then off to the Castle





    High on a hill was a lonely goatherd.

    Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo










    The town of Meersburg

     was originally built up around this old castle that overlooks the lake.
    It was built around 628 by the king of the Franks.


    Construction Theories
    There are two theories about the construction of the Meersburg castle.
    The first is that the Merovingian king Dagobert I, built the Dagobertturms (Dagobert's Tower),
    the central keep of the Meersburg, in 630.

    The second theory is that the castle was built in the early 12th Century, and based on the name of the tower
    an association with the earlier merovingian king was created. It is based on the observation that
    in the Lake Constance region there are no records of any castles being founded in the 7th Century,
    but in the 12th Century to early 13th Century many castles were built in the region.
    The Merdesburch Castle was first mentioned in 1113, which implies a construction date before the early 12th Century.












     knight and their medieval helmets







    Kaffee and kuchen,,, Time   





    Zeppelin Museum











    “Say good night, Carol.”