On Tour 

 Lüneburg Germany 23-25 November 2007






1.45pm          Cabs  here




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Stansted Airport





Lüneburg sightseeing tour begins



Well Just a quick Snack to fill our boots up




 Lets all hide from Mick        







On with the Tour




Taking in the sights


 Up The Water Tower








Heads  in the Clouds

































Niederegger Marzipan Store in Lübeck



Lübeck must have one of the highest bakery-to-population ratios in Europe: You can hardly walk more than two streets in the central business district without encountering a bakery that sells bread, pretzels, coffeecake, and other antidotes to an overzealous appetite.


Confectionary shops are another Lübeck (and German) specialty. The most famous is Niederegger (www.marzipan.com), which has produced marzipan from a carefully guarded recipe since 1806. The ground floor of the main shop in Breite Strasse is awash in marzipan and chocolates, the cake-laden Niederegger Café is one flight up, and the Marzipan Museum on the second floor traces the history of the almond-based confection.



The cake-laden Niederegger Café





Yes, we found it




  Lübeck Airport Restaurant


a quick snack before we fly home

the food was delicious