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 Village Green




Mr Len Rust, hands over the Widdington petition
calling for Proper Sewerage facilitie in the Village



Too many Lorries



Ever day the peace and quiet of Widdington
in the heart of rural Essex is shattered by the noise
of lorries and coaches



Widdingtons New Rector
Peter Grimwood



Widdingtons Water Tower Leak


Mrs Hoy and her Saddleback Pigs1978













 Jermy Dillon Robinson



Widdingtons Percy the Peacock
is at it agian



 Jermy Dillon Robinson  



















Elizabeth Walker and Robbie Williams 

I would very much like to thank Elizabeth Walker, for these additional newspapers clippings.

The picture of the top of the pop's magazine was June 2001 and that is where I met Robbie Williams the first time.
The paper cutting was a follow up story of the first one you already have on the site. 

The Carnival Queen competition cuttings were just because I entered the competition I didn't win or anything like that but I thought as it mentioned Widdington was good to have.

The dogs today magazine was April 2001 and my dogs were often in Dogs today magazine but they asked me to do it a few times this picture is myself and my White German Shepherd Oban and we made front cover. 

I also won a competition to go to Leicester square to a film premiere and after show party where I met lots of stars this was May 2000. 

Most of the other things happened in 2001 and it was extra special as I was 18 that year. I also went to watch a show being filmed and the I went to record of the year that year too so I was really lucky with competitions.














The picture of the band was on top of this article 





Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk 

Mr Donald Tyson, On Million Air Row

More to come,,,, Please check back soon