Ian Mitchell's Vogon Poetry Outburst

Ode to a young wobbartmould

Slinkmuck mine, Oh how I bestraddle thy gurglings!
On fettid slobbernuts I craw and splain
'Nixt ever mutid mangle-knobs.

Yea, forever splooned is my gutted wivverlock

Since first I crulpt o'er mire and mean
I mean to say, why are you so grottid?
It festles my grotch e'er more, you see.

Yet grot if ye must, and burble my bladderskot
My bladderskot burst afore I met thee
Go fiddlecoop, young wobbartmould, this greenfeckled morning
And I'll mould thy wobbart to the slinkmuck of me.

Get me out of here