HMS Campbell


Admiralty Design Scott Class Destroyer



HMS Campbell was funded by the people of Caithness at a cost of 210,000, She was named after a Thurso, (Caithness) Soldier.

With this strong link to Caithness she adopted the Wick Sea Cadets hence  our Training Ship name Campbell.


HMS Campbell

We're launching a ship, a Caithness ship,

And she'll soon be on the sea,

To join a Fleet still strong and great,

Our Royal King's Navee.


We have chosen a name for this Caithness ship,

From "the grey town by the sea,"

To honour a soldier and Caithnessman,

'Tis Campbell her name will be.


Tho' cold is the brow of our hero now,

And his eyes no longer see,

His name will live on long after I've gone,

This late General Campbell, V.C.


Sucess to our ship, our fine Caithness ship,

As she ploughs the salt breakers with glee,

May her sailors defeat every U-Boat they meet,

And sweep every Hun from the sea.


Speed on, speed on, speed on gallant ship,

Speed on to Victory,

We're watching and waiting and fighting for this,

For ourselves and posterity.


Caithness Warship Week 16th May 1923.