3259 Basic Campcraft Badge.   Commanding Officers may award this badge to cadets who have successfully completed training as follows:

a.         Types of expedition tents, their care and pitching & striking.


b.         Types of cookers and expedition foods.

C.         The clothing and equipment required for an overnight expedition and packing a rucksack.


d.         Introduction to map reading.

e.         Camp hygiene.

if.         The country code.

On completion of this training the cadet must carry out an overnight camp and cook their own hot meal.  He/she must strike camp and pack the tent.

326C    Expedition Proficiency Badge.

Commanding Officers may

award this badge to cadets who have attained the requirements of Basic Campcraft and in addition completed training as follows:

a.         Map reading: Set map to ground without compass, follow a recognised path with map only.

b.         Introduction to use of compass.

c.         Introduction to emergency procedures.

d.         Introduction to complementary subjects: flora & fauna, local geology/ecology. 

e.         On completion of the above training the cadet must successfully take part in a 5 kilometre daywalk carrying an expedition pack, an overnight camp, and cook their own hot meal.


Before the Magnetic Compass was discovered, early map makers would draw a small 16 pointed circle on the map, and place an "N" to point to North. These were the 16 Cardinal Points from which the winds were thought to blow. This drawing was called a "Wind Rose." When the magnetic compass came along, it was usually set on top of the Wind Rose pattern in order to help face the nautical chart in the proper direction. The wind rose started to become known as a COMPASS ROSE.

Since the 1100's, compass bearings have been split into 16 different directions:compass0820.gif (10905 bytes)

North - North North East - North East - East North East - East

East - East South East - South East - South South East - South

South South West - South West - West South West - West

West North West - North West - North North West - North