The Foundation

At Wick the 9th day of May 1877

In a meeting called by the Provost to hear from admiral Ward chief life boat inspector of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution a statement as to the terms on which the said institution will provide a lifeboat for the Wick District.

Present: Provost Rae in the chair, Bailie Bruce, James Gilchrist,William Banks, Peter Reid, W Jerome, David Cormack, J.W. Mackay, David Leith, Francis Sinclair, James Bremner ship owner, Peter Murdoch, James Sinclair watch maker, George Bain fishcurer, Donald Georgeson, George Ross stationer, John Sandison post master, Alexander Rae, William Todd and George Miller Sutherland.


The meeting after hearing admiral Wards statement and the terms on which the institution will provide a lifeboat at Ackergill unanimously resolved to build a lifeboat house and to undertake the responsibility of the future maintenance of a suitable crew.


The provost was authorised to call a meeting on hearing from the institution.