The 'Roy Barker II'

"Running for Home" 

 [Photographer : Bill Fernie]    [24 November 2002]

Wick Lifeboat is named Roy Barker II after Roy Barker, who made his money in farming and livestock, was a keen seafarer in his leisure time and a great supporter of the RNLI.  When he died at the age of 82, he gave the RNLI the largest bequest that the Institution has ever received.  The money (£6.5m stg) is invested in an endowment trust and the interest should be sufficient to fund a new lifeboat bearing his name every few years.   Trent class lifeboats Roy Barker I and Roy Barker III are on station at Alderney in the Channel Islands and in Howth Ireland. The Trent class lifeboat is designed to lie afloat, either at deep-water moorings or at a berth. Introduced in 1994, it shares the same hull shape as the Severn class but is a smaller version. The sheerline sweeps down for ease of survivor recovery. As with the Severn, its propellers are protected so it can take ground without damage.